Business Plan Essay

IV. Description of Venture

a. Servicess

BC Property Forum is dedicated in selling belongingss of the acquired assets of the Bankss through command. Our chief end is to assist our clients particularly to those who are working abroad to hold a good investings in having a belongings. Our country spouses are specially trained in making gross revenues talk in their clients by supplying helpful information about the belongings. Like belongings location. belongings size. and any other information depicting the belongings. We will supply our outmost service to supply the demands of our clients.

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B. Size of Business

BC Property Forum is a little size concern that has 20 to 99 employees. This concern is in private owned by partnership type of concern.

c. Office Equipment and Personnel

The office equipment needed First are computing machines for entering. maintaining and back-up of files and records. Second Telephones and Faxes for communicating with the clients. Third are pressmans for printing of records and files. Fourth are run offing machines for copying of files and in conclusion are air cons to do people comfy.

The concern purely chooses our forces particularly for our country spouses and in-house spouse. We will hold are spouses that are good in making gross revenues talk and good trained. We will besides engage people for Secretary. IT and Messengers. As proprietors. we do non desire to hold jobs with our clients that will take down our client’s trust.

d. Background of Entrepreneur

President – Jenifer Velarde

Jenifer Velarde is graduated Magna Cum Laude with the grade of Bachelor of Science in Business Management at the University of the Philippines. She was chosen to be the president because of her abilities of managing a concern really good and deciding jobs.

Vice President – Enrico C. Veluz

Enrico C. Veluz is locally known to hold many little concerns within countries in Manila. He besides graduated at the University of the Philippines and took up Business Management. He besides received an award as an Outstanding Entrepreneur last twelvemonth.

Fiscal Manager – Elenaire Puzon

Elenaire Puzon is a alumnus of Financial Management in the Mapua Institute of Technology. He is an experient aggregator and good in preparing of fiscal statements and histories in different companies.

Secretary – Bea Faye Libiran

Bea Faye Libiran is a alumnus of Adamson University and took up Selling. She is an experient secretary since she has worked on different large companies such as RCBC and Makisig Group of Companies.

Area Partners – Jake Esguerra and Ryan Redecto

Jake Esguerra is a alumnus of University of Makati and took up Selling. He is a In-House Partner – Frangelo Alejandro and John Orneza

IT – Lawrence Penalba and Mikko Ray Victoria

Messenger – Jomaric Santos

Jomaric Santos is a alumnus of University of Makati and took up V. Marketing Plan ( Condominium Units. House & A ; Lot. Lot. Building. Res/Commercial )

a. Pricing

As we reassess the acquired assets of the Bankss. we will be run intoing midway with the bank to supply a better monetary value.

B. Distribution

Since we offer service. distribution is non relevant.

c. Promotion

BC Property Forum will carry on publicity through advertisement. The type of advertisement will be utilizing print advertisement like magazines. newspaper. postings. booklets and circulars. This would assist our company to be recognized by our clients since we offer services for them. We will besides be after to develop our ain web site of the company to advance the services we have. Those publicities will be of great aid to our company to be good established in the concern industry.

d. Product and Prognosiss

The 1st month will be for the set up of the concern. On the 2nd month. the company office will be in order & A ; ready to get down. On the following month. many costumiers are fulfilling the services to an addition in gross revenues every twelvemonth.

e. Controls

Based on the market cleavage that BC Property Forum has established. we will necessitate changeless updates in footings of the possible sizes. distributions. and buying forms of the quality witting. engineering utilizing executive markets. We will utilize our historical public presentation to set up a client database incorporating this information. This will let BC Property Forum to aim clients more expeditiously as a consequence of existent experience. Furthermore. as our client service and followup are keys to set uping maintained clients. the selling database will let us to split the possible demands of clients.


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