Businesses is the key to it” so I

Businesses are the one of the most
important parts of a country’s economy. Increases in globalization has led to increase in
trading which has given a lot of people the opportunity to engage in everyday
business activities like buying and selling. VS1 I have always been interested in the
field of business and their operations. Also the fact that I come from a
business background where my family has been in the trading business from the
last 20 years, makes my goal even VS2 easier for me to perceive. VS3 I have chosen business management
because to me it’s the first brick of the structure of my successful career
ahead. It’s the degree that really captivates me and makes me want to learn
more about it.


My father comes from an urban,
albeit humble beginning. He is a self-made person who has progressed from being
the son of a farmer to a successful businessman. VS4 He has successfully passed on the
same ethos of hard work and determination to me. ‘Learning is’, he often quotes
to me, ‘a continuous process which happens from the cradle to the grave’. I
firmly believe in this axiom and follow it as a guide and motivation in my life
and studies. To enable this to happen in the best manner possible, I have
always strived to excel in my studies, always pushing myself to perform better
by setting ambitious goals. I have a passion for business management, which has
been the driving force why I  opted  commerce related subjects in O-levels and in
my undergraduate foundation program. I have scored particularly well in
business related subjects and aim to build a career in business. I was always
fascinated by how the business works how small businesses rise and grow large
and how large business fall and leave the market. This curiosity led me to read more
about business VS5 systems and how business could be
set up and managed effectively. Discussions with my teachers and others guided
me to have a more educated understanding of these issues.

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In addition to my academic credentials,
I actively participate in extra-curricular activities .As Lao Tzu said
“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it” so I spent my summer
and winter vacations in my dad’s office. There I used to sit with my

in his cabin. Observing how he plans, direct and oversee the operations and
fiscal health of the company. Also sometimes I used to look on the financial
statements of the company, which offered a chance to demonstrate my abilities
and to apply what I had learned in school.VS6 


In recent times, Pakistan has seen
an improvement in its economic outlook and is on its way to become one of the
fastest growing economies of Asia. The age of entrepreneurship has finally
dawned in Pakistan, as startups continue to spring up across the country. The
younger generation is coming up with distinct business ventures to take
advantage of the positive environment that the country offers. I aim to play my
part in the economic and social development of my country. Studying business will
equip me with sound theoretical and practical skills enabling me to pursue my
goals which is evident
by the large number of successful entrepreneurs being UK graduates.VS7 

should be beginning this stating what you wish to study and why. You should
make this clearer

more clear about what your goals are

many places you leave extra spaces please change this

should instead say your dad has inspired you, do not tell a story

examples of books and show what it is that you found interesting about these.

you should give details of things you do outside of academic study and express
what skills you have gained form this which will help you at university. If you
discuss work experience, show how this will help you with your degree.

this and instead say what your goals are and how your degree will help. 


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