By language and other signs of a child

By becoming a paediatric nurse not only would I fulfil my ambition and passion to help the well-being of children, I would also provide happiness and comfort for them during difficult times. I have pushed towards new opportunities to work with children, it shortly became clear to me that choosing paediatrics as my main field of nursing was the rightcourse of action because I enjoy bringing comfort and helping children to mature. Nursing a child is not just a question of caring for a small adult, they have very specific health needs and nurses are required to understand how a healthy child develops towards adulthood so that there are minimal chancesof illness, which involves working closely with the parents and guardians. A paediatric nurse needs to be able to read and understand the body language and other signs of a child as they may not be able to communicate in the same way an adult would if they were in pain or discomfort. Attending open days in Swansea University and USW allowed me to understand the demands of the course and that I have the qualities needed for this profession. For example, it is half theory and half practical, this will allow me to gain a better understanding of the role of a nurse as I will be able to gain experience within in a care setting as well as learning the essential information. I am currently volunteering at a local nursery where I supervise and help children play and interact with each other with a variety of different age groups, I also change and feed the children when I’m required too. My current degree in community health and well—being is givingme in-depth knowledge on factors that will be essential in paediatric nursing especially my employability skills module as it gives me the chance to gain experience through a placement assignment. My work placement is with children community nurses, allowing me to experience different areas of paediatric nursing. Within the hospital I am mainly on the children’s ward where I am based in the playroom, this gives me the opportunity to interact with the children and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. I have also escorted some of the patients down to surgery with other nurses when I am needed to experience what it is life. This gives me a better understanding of the role of a paediatric nurse as they must make the patient feel comfortable as well as their guardians when preparing for surgery and keeping them updated. Even though I am mainly in the hospital I have also had experience within clinics and special schools in my local area. This gives me the transferable skills to communicate effectively with children of all ages and helped me understand how to react and support people in different and difficult situations. I have recently applied to work abroad in America over the summer in children’s summer camps, this also includes campers with special needs, this will give me the opportunity to gain more experience with children from different backgrounds that require different needs of care. The opportunities, experiences and skills I have mentioned will aidme in this course as it will give me the means to apply my understanding of the advantages of adjusting my communication for children with different ages and needs, work stronger with other people, and act appropriate in every situation. Studying my current course and Health and social care at A-Level presented me with the possibility to understand the laws and legislations needed when improving a patient’s quality of life, it also helps me comprehend how to communicate accurately and logically to a patient and the correct way to do so. It allows me to use all my knowledge and develop my caring techniques. In my spare time I enjoy being part of a local Charity drama group called Showcase where I am a team leader for the younger group that involves a boy with Cerebral Palsy. I have also been involved in many types of charity work such as events from my school and community such as school fairs, I volunteer in a local church on Christmas day and I have been involved in fundraising for cancer research which is very close to my heart. When being involved in events such as there I used many skills such as communication, compassion, team work and dedication to ensure they are a success. I have always had an interest in caring situations and how individuals work with their patients to improve their quality of life. I have chosen a career in paediatric nursing because I want to help children less fortunate than myself to grow up a live long, healthy and happy lives.


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