Cadburys World

Cadburys World uses many different promotional materials and techniques. I think the techniques that they use are very good and they are mostly successful. A very successful technique they use is the Coronations streets sponsorship. Everybody watches Coronation Street because it is a very popular T.V.programme. When the viewers see Cadburys being promoted by Coronation Street they think that it must be a goods chocolate bar if Coronation Street is sponsoring it. Coronation Street is on a lot so therefore there sponsorship is brilliant and Cadburys is being promoted and recommended almost every night.

Another technique is the Cadburys symbol. This works because everyone knows that it stands Cadburys because of the two glasses of milk being poured into one. They use colours that stand out, purple background and white writing. The purple colour makes the Cadbury sign silky and rich. The white represents the creamy milk. The symbol is very popular. You can find this symbol anywhere, billboards, Cinema adverts, T.V.adverts and magazine adverts. These are all called promotional materials. Billboards are good advertising because they are very big and you cant miss them. They are usually next to busy main roads or on bus shelters. People are normally bored waiting for the bus or driving in the car so they look around and see the billboards and then the Cadburys chocolate gets into their head and minds.

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Another successful promotional technique Cadburys use is adverts in magazines. They promote themselves in magazines so people know and find out about the new chocolate bars from Cadburys. People buy and read magazines all the time. As long as the magazines are good and popular the new chocolate bar is being promoted well, if it was a rubbish magazine, which no one ever buys, there wouldn’t be much point in having the advert in the magazine. The magazine adverts are usually eye catching, using bald, bright colours to grab the reader’s attention.

Cinema adverts are designed well for the audience. Lots of younger people who love chocolate and sweets, and also enjoy spending their own money on it often go to the cinema. The cinema uses all the latest new graphics and special effects to make the chocolate bar really good. When you watch the advert, hopefully it will stay in your mind and you can buy the chocolate bar when you next see it in the shops.

Personally I don’t think Sales promotion works. No one is bothered about the wrapper, it just depends if they like the look of the actual chocolate bar or not. People just throw the wrapper away in the end. There not bothered about any special offers on the wrapper, but just what the chocolate bar inside tastes like. This technique isn’t very successful.


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