Can pollution by doing things like conserve energy,


Can you imagine a world full of air
pollution? All living creatures in this world are very likely to die from air
pollution. All living things on this planet need to drink clean air to be
healthy. But all living things in this world have a serious impact on air
pollution.  If people continue to burn
fossil fuels, if the power plant’s carbon dioxide problem, a lot of
electricity, and wood are cut off, air pollution will increase and we will not
see a clear sky in the future. In the future, if all the living things on this
planet live healthy and want to see the clear sky, we must stop air pollution
by doing things like conserve energy, using public transportation, stop cutting
off trees and increasing waste recycling a clear sky in the

artificial or naturally emitted pollutants, which altered the ingredient of the
atmosphere and worse ingredient negatively effected

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 all living things on Earth. Air pollution can
give people respiratory problems or pneumonia. The causes of the air pollution
are from automobile smoke, factory smoke, oil, coal gas that is caused by
artificial. The cause from artificial gives nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide,
and hydro carbons. Also like the volcano, and forest fires that is caused by
natural.  The cause from natural, it
gives air pollutants like sulfur oxides and fine dust.  Air pollution has a lot of ingredient that
makes our life unhealthy and makes cloudy sky instead of clear sky.

I think we have to do what we can do to stop air
pollution because if we do nothing, our lives could be in danger and possible
to die. First, we can do is a way to plant a lot of trees. Trees can supply
oxygen and can takeaway carbon dioxide. Second, we could use public transpotation
instead of riding our own cars because we can reduce car smokes like automobile
exhaust gas. Third, from the factory smoke, we can install a equipment that
take out factory smoke which is called Ozone generators. Fourth, we should make
less garbages because garbages can make toxic gas. Fifth, minimize the use of
automotive air conditioners and  heaters.

We have so many ways we can help stop make air pollution, we need to try these
action to have all living things healthy and make the sky clear.

Air pollution causes bad influence
because it can give hurt to our health, but in other points of view, air
pollution can be good. Air pollution can give people respiratory diseases and
pneumonia but it could be a chance for chemist to make good medicine that can
fix respiratory disease and pneumonia by experimenting like giving medicine to
the person who has respiratory disease and pneumonia that they made so that
they can know what it effected. This could
be an opportunity for chemists to develop
new medicines for the future and solve health problems without any problems.

As a result, air pollution
gives all living things in danger because of we need to have clean air to
breathe, but the air is polluted so we can’t have our body healthy. So it can
cause respiratory diseases and pneumonia. To
make this not happen we need to  take action to make our future have all living
things healthy and can see beautiful clear sky.


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