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Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all of Canada belongs to them, said by Pierre Trudeau. The policy of multiculturalism was established in 1971 and Canada became the first country to approve it as an official policy. This course of action has changed Canada to a great extent and has endorsed growth amongst our society. Throughout the years multiculturalism has allowed for all Canadian residents to be given equal rights regardless of their origins or language, it has increased the amount of immigrants who proudly take up citizenship in Canada and has encouraged all citizens to learn and respect the different traditions and cultures from various parts of the world.  Firstly, residents of Canada were given cultural freedom and rights. In Trudeau’s speech he stated that no singular culture could define Canada and that the policy of multiculturalism will promote and develop cultures that represent the Canadian society. The government was then dedicated to supporting multiculturalism by assisting and providing cultural groups with resources to ensure safety with growth. Quebec was the one province that opposed multiculturalism they believed that by the promotion of other cultures the importance of the French and English will subside. Therefore the government included assistance to immigrants in learning French or English as a part of the multiculturalism policy. Canadians who treated immigrants unfairly with bias were forced to adapt to the policy of multiculturalism leading to the elimination of all prejudice against people who have dissimilar beliefs or languages. This was a major turning point in Canadian history, because citizens were finally given greater recognition and support in order to preserve their cultures and religions. Almost everything in Canada has transformed after the policy of multiculturalism, it has definitely been beneficial in the terms of justice and equality to all citizens. Without the policy of multiculturalism, Canada would still be a country based upon discrimination and bigotry.Next, it has increased the number of immigrants and the amount of people who take up citizenship in Canada. The multiculturalism policy had encouraged Canada to go in a different direction, regarding immigration. Supporters stated that multiculturalism policies help bring together immigrants and minorities in the country which will improve the Canadian society as a whole. Before the policy, the fact that immigrants brought more cultures and diversity was not appreciated at all.  The policy of multiculturalism also encouraged foreign communities to immigrate to Canada and create a better lifestyle, because people were assured their culture and language will be accepted. A well developed country as Canada was and still is greatly benefitted from this substantial increase of immigrants because immigrants are initially tax payers and immense buyers of houses and land. Canadian citizens were primarily forced to adapt to multiculturalism and this led to a positive conclusion for all. Today, the majority of population growth is due to immigration, and Canada has become one of the world’s most multicultural countries in the world. This is an amazing phenomenon and couldn’t have been possible if Canada had not established the policy of multiculturalism.   Lastly, enabling the policy of multiculturalism has encouraged all citizens to welcome and respect the different traditions and cultures that they were historically unfamiliar with. In 1971, governments and Canadian society began to recognize and value the importance of Canadians of all races, languages and religions. People from various parts of the world arrived to Canada with new beliefs and customs. That has truly allowed for Canada to become such a diverse and multicultural country that it never was before the policy of multiculturalism. After accepting different cultures from around the world, Canada had also changed their habits of solely promoting French and English cultures to then promoting various types of cultures that represent all citizens. In 2007, Canadians were inspired by the unifying spirits and energies that exist throughout each culture and that led to the launching of an annual three day event across the country to celebrate art and culture. Cultural days are also held in schools and workplaces in order for each individual to embody their own culture in creative ways. Heritage months are another example of how Canada was able to embrace multiculturalism and learn new things from.  Every year each month is dedicated to acknowledge a different heritage, and everyone learns so much from these observances. Canada has also inspired many other countries to expand its cultures and enable the policy of multiculturalism in their country to gain worldly knowledge.Almost 50 years ago, Canada became a multicultural nation by enacting the policy of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has changed Canada for the better because it demonstrates peaceful understanding of each individual’s beliefs in an open minded society. This policy allows for all Canadians to be embraced and treated fairly regardless of their culture or whether they are from a founding nation, it has increased the amount of immigrants who wish to reside in an accepting environment as Canada and has determined all citizens to try their best to explore and value the different traditions and cultures residents in Canada follow.  A multicultural society is the most advanced and educated, by accepting other cultures without compromising its own Canada has become a nation universally embraced.


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