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 Canada’s physical geography allows for different industries to be a part of our culture. In Maritime Provinces, the fishing industry has influenced the way society lives. Fishing has become a lifestyle in these places, and it is tradition for many families. Furthermore, Canada’s climate makes for a range of cultural activities. Canadians experience long, cold winters, perfect for playing ice hockey. The origins of hockey are unknown, but Canada has adopted it as its favourite sport. If one thinks of Canadian culture, Canadian Culture p3immediately the thought of hockey is brought to mind. It is said to be the “Canadian pastime” (“History of Hockey”, 2008). Canada has four distinct seasons; summer, spring, fall and winter. Contrary to popular belief, there are sports that Canadians play in all four of these seasons. Lacrosse, for example, is Canada’s national sport, and it is played in summer or fall months. Canadian culture is varied and unique in the fact that it is a cultural mosaic, andintegrates different cultures into one, while keeping its base. Since the countryof Canada was established it has been the goal of the nation to be peaceful, and bring peace to the world. Canada is known worldwide for its efforts to be peaceful and bring peace to others. The physical geography of Canada also has major influences on the culture, because climate is included in this, Canadiansmust know how to react appropriately to different weather and know how to keep warm in the cold winters. Immigration to Canada has always been a leading factor in culture because the country accepts culture, and encourages those who immigrate to Canada to keep their culture and share it. Many people have come to Canada in search of a better life, and with them they bring traditions passed down through generations. Canada’s culture is mosaic-like in the sense that so many cultures are able to mesh together, and be integrated in all areas of Canada.  undefined undefined


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