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I. The Student Union has the undermentioned aims for a better university.

A. Enhance the integrity between pupils and beef up the ties between them and other members of university community.

B. Spread the civilization and promote the formation of Active Working Groups ( AWGs ) and student associations. and organizing work between them and back uping their activities by supplying fiscal support and work force if needed.

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C. Work on work outing the jobs of pupils and supply a better university life within the university and beyond.

D. Discuss the jobs of the pupils and propose solutions to them. with the concerned functionaries and attention after the rights and involvements of pupils.

E. Expressing the pupil community’s sentiment on national and international degrees.

F. Discover the endowments and abilities of the pupils. assist them polish their Skills. heighten their leading accomplishments and promote them to profit their society.

II. The formation of the Student Union consists of a Student Council. six commissions. Presidential Cabinet. Senate. Club’s Coordination Committee ( CCC ) . and the Student Union Partnership Office ( SU PO ) . ( Show slide and go through out the booklets ) A. The Student Council is the students’ voice and it is concerned with their sentiment on all affair and determinations straight related to them. Its formation is:

1. The Faculty Union which is responsible for looking after each module needs. It consists of two members from each module in each commission. There are a President and a Faculty Treasurer for each module elected straight by pupils. 2. The University Union which is responsible for looking after the university needs. It consists of one member from each module in each commission. There is a caput for each commission elected internally by the members of each Committee.
3. In each commission the three members are from three different Academic old ages.
4. The elections for the high board is required which is done within the pupil council itself. It consists of the Presidential Cabinet. six caputs of the commissions of the University Union and six module presidents from the Faculty Union.
5. The Student Council commissions are as follows:

a. Scientific & A ; Technological Activities Committee holds workshops and lectures taking at developing the scientific and technological abilities.

B. Culture. Arts & A ; Political Awareness Committee supports and organizes cultural and artistic activities seminars. conferences. exhibitions. arguments and all signifiers of political activities.

c. Planning & A ; Resources Committee which is responsible for fixing the needful resources for the events. It besides helps to be after and form the events.

d. Sports Committee supports and organizes developing plans. tourneies and all signifiers of sportive activities.

e. Trips & A ; Social activities Committee organizes educational and amusement trips.

f. Public & A ; Environmental Services strive to increase environmental consciousness between pupils and form events and activities.

B. The Presidential Cabinet of the Student Union manages the personal businesss of the Student Union and supervises its advancement. It is tasked with:

1. Acting as head representative and interpreter of the Student Union.
2. Guaranting that all commissions are working decently and carry throughing their responsibilities.
3. Guaranting that the aims of the Student Union are realized.
4. Naming at least two general meetings every semester. attended by all Student Union members including members of the Senate.
5. Naming hebdomadal meetings to discourse the advancement of work in the Student Union.
6. After the new President is elected the former President has to manage all the belongingss of Student Union such as the Student Union room and its properties. the official page on facebook. the e-mail…
7. The Presidential Cabinet consists of four nucleus places. They are as follows:

a. Vice-President which is responsible for carry throughing any undertakings of the Student Union President that are delegated to him/her or that the President is unable to execute.

B. Treasurer which is responsible for the Student Union budget. its fiscal statements and its fiscal personal businesss.

c. Vice-President for Events & A ; Student Activities which is responsible for organizing the events between the different entities in the Student Union and between the Student Union and the Club’s Coordination Committee.

d. Vice-President for Planning and Resource which is responsible for carry oning a timeline for the Student Union events. and supplying the resources needed.

C. The Student Union Partnership Office consists of the Student Union President and the six caputs of the University Union Committees. It aims to organize a bond between the Student Union in the university and Student Unions of foreign universities. to interchange information. experiences & A ; educational plans.

D. The Senate consists of two elective members from each module each given the rubric ’Senator’ . The Senate is responsible for measuring the public presentation of the Student Union members and urging disciplinary action where and if needed.

E. The Club’s Coordination Committee’s intent is to help nines to organize with each other and it reports straight to the Student Union president. It consists of a representative of every nine in the university delegated by caputs. Vice president of events and activities. and manager of young person public assistance.

III. There are some regulations and ordinances for the campaigner.
A. Not under probation.
B. No history of disciplinary actions.
C. Not been terminated from the old Student Union. D. Paid the Student Union one-year fees.
E. Spent at least two semesters as pupils at the GUC. F. Not a member of any active working group.


I. Drumhead
A. The Student Union’s chief purpose is to discourse the jobs of the pupils and propose solutions to them.
B. The Student Union consists of Student council. six commissions. Presidential Cabinet. Senate. Club’s Coordination Committee ( CCC ) . and the Student Union Partnership Office.
C. The solution is to vote for the most suited campaigner and go to the arguments in order to take the best plan provided by the campaigners for a better university life.

II. Clincher
A. Please ballot to back up the students’ right.
B. Campaigns and a booth are held to demo the importance of vote for the Student Union.

By-Laws of the General Assembly of the Student Union in the German University in Cairo 2013 Student Union Bylaws presentation


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