CHAPTER student advocates by mediating problems, issues and

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIESIn this chapter, it presents the related literature and related articles or studies esssential to support the variables in the said study.Quality of ServiceQuality of service measures how well a service is being delivered. Defining the concept of quality is difficult because quality means different things to different people. A person that xperienced a product or service may not have the same way on how the other experienced it.Describing quality of service together with its component is a serious concern that an organization should not take lightly. In addition to that, quality can be categorized in terms of various perspectives. As per stated on the Journal of Advanced Research (2014), there are different definitions that is related to the actual meaning in terms of the quality of service, one example is that the quality of service is known to be an attitude shaped by a long-term overall evaluation of a service performance.Quality of service can be considered as the ratio of the level of service effectiveness and expectations of the user. In the case study of Suzanne Mhuthamia (2016), she included that the quality of service is one of the most important research topic for the past few decades. Consumers experiencing the service are not only concerned with the nature of service but also with the quality of output given to them. Student AffairsCited on the article of Student Affairs: Mission and Purpose (2014), the mission of Student Affairs is to provide services and programs that will enhance student experience and support the achievement of educational and personal goals for students. In Northwestern Health Sciences University (2015) states that the Office of Student Affairs is responsible in cultivating the community and fostering relationships among all students, creating a campus climate which will nurture and support student life and learning within and across the university programs. In addition to that they also provide efficient and effective service to students, and supply them with the tools that may help enhance their success by overcoming barriers. Moreover this serves as student advocates by mediating problems, issues and conflicts in a way that will be easy for them and as well as ato provide through student government and other activities an opportunity for students to: safely participate in co-curricular activities, maintain leadership roles, expand student responsibility, learn to work effectively with others, and build community relationships.Students learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, opportunities for development and teaching exist everywhere on the university and it’s their job to seize these moment. Student Affairs is said to be a critical aspect of the higher education experience because the work done by them helps students in starting a lifetime journey of self-exploration and growth within themselves. (NASPA 2017) Being part of a student affairs professionals, it is their job to take advance and promote these interactions. Encouraging an understanding and respect for diversity, a belief the worth of individuals, and supporting our students in their needs are just some of the core concepts of the profession.  Student services are strong partners to the academic offerings of an institution. They promote engagement through deep levels of learning and the production of enduring and measurable gains and outcomes. As student populations rise, it is important to add not only faculties and class offerings, but also programs and services that are required to meet the student needs. One without the other can lead to high rates of decreased number of students and dissatisfaction. ABG (Association of Governing Boards) of Universities and Colleges (2016)Student Welfare Services UNDER THE STUDENT WELFARE SERVICES OF STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES OF SOUTHERN LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY are as follows:Orientation and Information ServicesOrientations in College and providing information services matters because it offers students a glimpse of the school that will play a defining role in the students life for about four or five years. Becoming familiar with the physical campus and the school culture will make it easier to understand what lies ahead and have informed conversations in the coming years. Learning about rules, campus safety and the academic calendar will also be of practical value to the students. (Suzanne Shaffer 2015)As stated by Kathy D’Aprix (2013) everyone knows that first impression lasts, and what a student experiences from the start of her college career can have a lasting effect on his/her educational journey and success. Student orientation programs are often the first look into how a university will operate and in this way students can decide if the institution is really good for them. 


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