Childrens Social Care In The Usa Social Work Essay

Childhood and adolescence constitute the most exhilarating and important stage of an person ‘s life ( Reeves, 2003 ) . A clip for enormous growing and development, it is associated with physical, societal and emotional security and reassurance. In fact, the hereafter and good being of societies and states are straight impacted by kids who are good nurtured and cared for ( Reeves, 2003 ) .

Whilst this is true for an overpowering bulk of rich and middle-class kids, there is a significantly dismaying figure who are victims of the inequalities and belligerencies of life ( Reeves, 2003, P18 ) . Millions of kids continue to pine away in inauspicious conditions of want, terrible poorness, domestic discord and even homelessness, plaguing their life opportunities ( Reeves, 2003, P18 ) . Left to their ain resources, their predicament in recent decennaries has caught the attending of national and planetary policymakers and decision makers who through several steps and programmes are working to heighten the quality of kid attention ( The personal societal services, 2009 ) . The UK in peculiar is known for its committed schoolmasters who along with iconic public schools have served the state good and played their function in constructing a vibrant, caring and mature society ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003 ) .

If in the past the burden of societal attention for kids was laid entirely on parental duties and charities, the closing of the Second World War and the dismantlement of colonialism, saw the beginnings of active governmental and public engagement in societal kid attention and public assistance services ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 9 to 27 ) . Get downing with the purpose of assisting socially and economically marginalised childs, societal attention for kids in the UK now spans an extremely wide canvas covering single and community demands, which among other things includes nutrition, wellness, instruction, shelter, development, physical and mental disablements, favoritism, substance maltreatment and domestic discord, ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 9 to 27 ) . It moreover aims to better the competitory advantage of the state and cut down societal troubles and lacks in countries related to wellness, instruction, and offense ( Jacobs & A ; Klaczynski, 2005 P 3 ) .

The development of societal attention in the UK has jointly been influenced by the policies of different authoritiess, the attempts of assorted militant groups, and the studies of specially appointed and constituted expert commissions ( Jacobs & A ; Klaczynski, 2005 P 3 ) . Oversights in the policies and flooring episodes like the deceases of Victoria Climbie and Alisha Ishmael galvanised public sentiment and led to revamping of societal attention policies, particularly with regard to kids who need protection or have been placed in attention ( The Victoria Climbie Enquiry, 2003 ) . The debut of a figure of Torahs, white documents and policy paperss have besides been instrumental in conveying approximately extremist alterations in these pattern and policies.

This survey attempts to analyze the development of societal attention of kids in the UK, taking history of different positions every bit good as influences that have shaped it over the old ages. Whilst societal attention has evolved in moderately similar form across the UK, the survey pays peculiar attending to the English and Welsh positions.

Commentary and Analysis

Social Issues

The station – Second World War period has been characterised by rapid and extended societal transmutation ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 9 to 27 ) .This alteration has been attributed to assorted causes: ( a ) significantly enhanced workplace emphasis and demand ( B ) decomposition of traditional household constructions ( degree Celsius ) early going of kids from parental places, ( vitamin D ) new usage of parents shacking off from their kids and their households ( vitamin E ) enhanced Numberss of single and live togethering twosomes ( degree Fahrenheit ) greater incidence of divorce ( g ) addition in Numberss of individual parents every bit good as same sex twosomes ( H ) increased figure of working adult females ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 9 to 27 ) . Whist societal and economic alteration occurred throughout the UK, there was a pronounced difference in policy accent between England, Scotland and Wales. For illustration, policymakers in Wales and Scotland placed greater accent on comprehensive schooling, whereas those in England focused on pick and diverseness of schooling ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 32 ) .

Such developments have dramatically altered household life across different societal sections in England and Wales ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) . The changeless inflow of migrators has led to the building of societal sections that have different cultural, cultural, and spiritual individualities, every bit good as assorted degrees of net incomes, schooling, and skill sets ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) . This in bend has led to societal disparities in households and exposures in kids, demanding that policymakers revise the bing substructure ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) .

Initial Construction of Social Support Systems

The thought and pattern of a Welfare province took form in the 1940s and the early 1950s and continued for more than three decennaries, taking to the development of considerable governmental substructure and services for support to kids in demand, every bit good as their households ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) . It resulted in the formation of the NHS, the local governments, voluntary and compensated societal workers, and the creative activity of a societal web through the corporate work of public sections. The societal support system incorporated surrogate places and institutes for immature people from hard-pressed and debatable environments, right of entry to educational establishments, medical attention, as besides single and community support, both societal and fiscal ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) .

In 1948 three important public sections for societal attention were instituted ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) . These were the Health Departments, which assumed duty for public wellness and a few characteristics of societal attention, the Welfare Departments which dealt with residential issues every bit good as attention and aid for the elderly and those who suffered from disablements, and the Children ‘s Departments responsible for child care ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) . The Children ‘s Departments, whose formation was to some extent influenced by public response to a dirt affecting kid attention, was credited with the execution and executing of the Children Act of 1948 ( ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) . This Act heralded the legal beginning of kid attention in the UK, doing local governments responsible for taking into attention kids who were being or in danger of being neglected or abused ( The personal societal services, 2009, P 1 ) . By 1952 local governments were vested with powers to examine into disregard, which was once more followed up in the early sixtiess with authorization for preventive resort ( The personal societal services, 2009, P1 ) .

The Children and Young Persons Act 1969, sought to contract the spread between kids who experienced maltreatment and disregard and immature wrongdoers ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) . Subsequently, the landmark Children Act 1989, which was enacted after the happening of a big figure of incidents of societal service intercessions, and probes, merely after the deceases of immature people, brought the commissariats of jurisprudence together. It nevertheless non merely disallowed kids who had engaged in offenses to be put into attention but besides eliminated the connexion of immature people with condemnable jurisprudence ( The personal societal services, 2009, P 1 ) .

Although the Children Act 1989 was based upon the premise of parents being basically responsible for looking after their kids, it contained tough commissariats for question of kid maltreatment presenting the construct of “ likely important injury ” into the range of appraisals for supervising and attention ( The personal societal services, 2009, P1 ) . Coming into force in 1991, the statute law sought to revamp current constructions for societal public assistance of kids by doing kids ‘s public assistance a cardinal and of import societal public assistance nonsubjective ; it besides recognised the wants of the immature to turn in their household environments, ensured that local governments provided services to the immature who were in demand and their households, encouraged and fostered participative work by local governments, parents, and kids, improved the working of the legal system with respect to kids, and secured the rights of kids ( Children Act 1989 ) .

Whilst the Children Act 1989 was followed up by a figure of enterprises to back up and prolong kids in demand, ( Christensen & A ; O’Brien, 2002, P 22 to 95 ) , societal public assistance militants continued to indicate out and underscore terrible lacks in the societal attention system. The heartbreaking decease of Aliyah Ismael in 1999 led to the unravelling of a figure of inadequacies in the predominating systems of societal attention and public assistance ( Brindle, 1999, P1 ) . Thirteen twelvemonth old Aliyah, a kid of immigrants, was shifted more than 60 times between surrogate places and attention establishments during the short clip ( less than two old ages ) she was in attention ( Brindle, 1999, P1 ) . She eventually wafted into harlotry and later died in a bedraggled Camden Town edifice after a fatal dolophine hydrochloride injection ( Brindle, 1999, P1 ) .

Social attention for kids received a immense bonus after the entry of New Labour into UK administration. With the new authorities doing cardinal and deep seated revamping of kid attention and public assistance programmes, one of its main electoral issues during the 1997 polls, was to take to a period of far making alteration in programmes for societal attention for kids ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 30 to 150 ) . However, the authorities was non more than a twosome of old ages old, busy in the building of a societal attention policy that was radically different from the Thatcherite policies, when the awful decease of Victoria Climbie shook the corporate scruples of the state ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 30 to 150 ) . Along with the episode of Aliyah Ismael, the decease of Victoria Climbie brought home the apprehension of the demand to reexamine the societal attention system and take intense, widespread and appropriate action ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 30 to 150 ) .

Victoria Climbie

Victoria Climbie was eight old ages old when she died tragically in 2000. She, like Aliyah Ismael, was the girl of immigrants. A elaborate question into the cause of her decease established that the calamity could good hold been averted with better apprehension and action from concerned societal workers ( The Victoria Climbie Enquiry, 2003, P1 ) . Victoria died after being viciously assaulted by her official carer ( the individual with whom she was populating ) , her aunt, and her male comrade ( The Victoria Climbie Enquiry, 2003, P1 ) . The station mortem scrutiny revealednumerous ( greater than a hundred ) distinguishable hurts on her organic structure ( The Victoria Climbie Enquiry, 2003, P1 ) . The official question instituted by the authorities attributed the happening of the episode to lacks in the societal attention system ( The Victoria Climbie Enquiry, 2003, P1 ) . The state was distressed to hear that responsible societal workers were wholly cognizant of the intervention and torment being meted out to the kid and had really refrained from assisting her on a twelve occasions ( The Victoria Climbie Enquiry, 2003, P1 ) .

The Victoria Climbie episode led to intense argument and concern in the media, terrible unfavorable judgment of the bing societal system and the establishment of the Laming Committee for probe and recommendations on the bing societal attention system for kids. Whilst far making legal and policy alteration had already started from the mid and late ninetiess, the publication of a study by Lord Laming in 2003, along with public force per unit area led to a figure of legal passages ; to the preparation of a long term comprehensive kid oriented societal attention policy, and to the debut and execution of a scope of programmes ; such steps created the base for New Labour ‘s policies on societal attention for kids and do up the latest phase on its development in the UK ( Jacobs & A ; Klaczynski, 2005, P77 ) .

Legal Enactments, Every Child Matters and Other Programs

A figure of statute laws before and after the passage of The Children Act 1989 have marked an of import measure in the farther promotion of societal attention for kids which besides work towards the security and safety of immature citizens. These include The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Disabled Children Act 2000, The Community Care Services for Carers and Children ‘s Services ( Direct Payments ) ( England ) Regulations 2003, and The Children Act 2004, the Carers and ( Williams, 2005, P17 ) . Social attention in Wales is controlled by the Welsh Assembly Government. It is structured as in England, with local governments responsible for commissioning and presenting societal services ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 32 ) .

The New Labour authorities ‘s societal policy, which took six old ages, from the twenty-four hours it assumed the function of administration in 1997 to explicate was driven by three cardinal cardinal rules:

“ The importance of guaranting every kid has the best possible start in life, the demand to react to altering forms of employment and guarantee that parents, peculiarly female parents, can work and come on their callings, and the legitimate outlooks of households that they should be in control of the picks they make in equilibrating work and household life ” ( Choice for Parents, the best start for kids, 2004, P6 )

The publication of a policy papers, ( a green paper ) , in 2003 on “ Every Child Matters ” provided comprehensive inside informations of societal attention policies for kids across the UK, in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, from the age of five until they entered immature maturity at 19 ( Every kid affairs, 2007, P1 ) . The Every Child Matters enterprise has five cardinal aims for kids ; these are “ ( a ) the accomplishment of wellness, ( B ) safety, ( degree Celsius ) enjoyment and accomplishment, ( vitamin D ) doing positive parts, and ( vitamin E ) economic wellbeing ” ( Every kid affairs, 2007, P1 ) .

Child public assistance, every bit good as comprehensive societal attention for kids greatly impacted the state ‘s societal policy with the publication of Every Child Matters paper. This was later followed by the debut of a figure of determined and extended strategies and by the transition of The Children Act 2004 ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 30 to 150 ) . The societal attention aims of the authorities worked towards bettering available chances to kids and cut downing hazards faced by them. It required the sections of instruction and wellness to work in tandem with societal work institutes, schools, the NHS and local governments to carry through these aims ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 30 to 150 ) .

To accomplish societal attention and kid public assistance aims, the authorities introduced three specific and of import programmes. These were “ ( a ) the Children and Young People ‘s Plan ( CYP ) , ( B ) the National Services Framework ( NSF ) and ( degree Celsius ) the Common Assessment Framework ( CAF ) ” ( Hallett & A ; Prout, 2003, P 30 to 150 ) .

The Children and Young People ‘s Plan aims to heighten the accomplishment of kids and better their life chances by supplying an extended scope of services, peculiarly universe category wellness results, minimising of inequalities and battle with poorness ( Children and Young People ‘s Plan, 2009 ) . The use of drawn-out schools, which take attention of kids for a greater sum of clip and cut down parental burden is an indispensable constituent of the programme.

The National Security Framework, introduced by the authorities in 2004 ( National Service Framework, 2007 ) aims to set up criterions for two cardinal factors, the wellness of kids and societal services and the coordination of such services and the instruction of kids. The NSF is a 10 twelvemonth program that aims to accomplish sustained sweetening in the wellness of kids and immature people over the long term. It supports the Every Child Matters inaugural by planing and presenting services around the demands of kids, immature people and households and non around the wants of administrations. Some of the Welsh criterions refer to the undermentioned activities:

“ Promoting wellness and well-being, placing demands and step ining early, Supporting parenting, Child, immature individual and family-centred services, Turning up into maturity, Safeguarding and advancing the public assistance of kids and immature people, Children and immature people who are badly, Children and immature people in infirmary, Disabled kids and immature people and those with complex wellness demands, The mental wellness and psychological wellbeing of kids and immature people, Medicines for kids and immature people, and Maternity services. ” ( Every Child Matters, 2007 )

Planned to commence from 2005 to 2014, the NSF has three specific countries of focal point, viz. ( a ) services related to pregnancy ( B ) kids and ( degree Celsius ) specific kid groups and to work towards accomplishment of criterions for guaranting just, high-quality and comprehensive societal attention ( National Service Framework, 2007 ) .

The Common Assessment Framework is another of import constituent of the Every Child Matters enterprise ( Common Assessment Framework, 2007 ) . Integrating a standardized method for carry oning appraisals of extra demands of kids every bit good as make up one’s minding on ways these should be met, CAF is critical in the bringing of cutting border services that are focussed on run intoing the demands of kids and immature people.

The CAF incorporates a simple method for comprehensive rating of the wants and strengths of kids, taking history of the influence of environmental factors every bit good as carers and parents on their growing and development. This enables societal work practicians to be better positioned to make up one’s mind upon suited support manners with kids and households. The CAF besides helps in bettering joint activity by easing coordination of provided services. In Bristol the execution of the CAF has led to a figure of advantages.

The CAF is suited for measuring state of affairss associating to deficient nutrition, reduced wellness, jitteriness or terror upsets, drug or intoxicant maltreatment, unequal school attending and exclusion ; it is besides turn outing to be helpful in instance of deficient relationships with parents with respect to sustenance or disagreement, wearisome societal activity and engagement in misbehavior ; it can help in turn uping the specific demands of disturbed immature people when the application of disciplinary steps and appropriate aid could impact positive alterations and development ( Common Assessment Framework, 2007 ) .

The labor party followed up the Every Child Matters programme with the presentation of The Children ‘s Plan in 2007. Introduced out of the demand for societal bringing substructure to respond suitably to the consequence of quickly changing times on household life and values, the Children ‘s Plan aims to counter the harmful impact of modern twenty-four hours life on the developmental demands of kids ( Children and Young People ‘s Plans, 2009 ) .

The Children ‘s Plan works on the footing of five cardinal rules, viz. ( a ) the demand for parents to convey up their kids and the responsibility in back uping parents and households, ( B ) the built-in potency of all kids to accomplish and the demand for them to travel every bit far as they can, ( degree Celsius ) the demand for kids and immature people to bask and please in their childhood as besides to fix for successful maturity, ( vitamin D ) the demand for services to be influenced by the demands of kids and respond to them and non by professionally delineated bounds boundaries, and ( vitamin E ) to debar prostration instead than to cover with a catastrophe subsequently ( Children and Young People ‘s Plan, 2009 ) .

The program, prepared for a term of 10 old ages, allots important investings for supplying free child care to 1000s of the most disadvantaged kids between ages of two and three. Greater communicating is planned between parents and schools for accomplishment of improved parental engagement. Some other of import constituents of the program include 3,500 resort areas, new young person Centres, reappraisal of school course of study, betterment of rearing accomplishments, renewing justness for delinquent young person, and betterment of instruction criterions ( Ford, 2007, P1 ) .

Despite the batch of programmes and accomplishments in the field, current kid attention programmes are confronting important unfavorable judgment. Lord Laming, the writer of the Laming Committee study, has late expressed serious concern about the execution of societal attention policies saying that the ambitious kid attention attempt was going compromised because of ( a ) overemphasis on procedure and marks with attendant decrease in assurance of societal workers, ( B ) deficiency of a centralised computing machine system, ( degree Celsius ) extraordinarily complicated recording and assessment systems, ( degree Celsius ) deficiency of communicating between bureaus and ( vitamin D ) deficiency of required support ( Action urged on kid protection, 2009 ) . His recent reappraisal of the system contains 58 recommendations in assorted countries on protecting kids.

A recent study by research workers of York University ranks the UK at 24th out of 29 European states on the well being of the immature ( UK ranked low on young person well-being, 2009 ) . Whilst 43 parametric quantities were considered for the survey, the main ground for such a hapless ranking appears to be child poorness and the high figure of households without working parents. The research workers, though by and big are appreciative of the authorities ‘s policies, recommend greater protection of occupations, mending of safety cyberspaces, riddance of the schoolroom divide between kids of hapless and flush backgrounds, provisioning of just public services to people who need them and the ensuring of nice places for all policies. Poverty and deficiency of occupations among 16 to 18 twelvemonth olds is besides being considered a cardinal ground behind juvenile delinquency and anti-social behavior ( UK ranked low on young person well-being, 2009 ) .


Social attention for kids was foremost formulated in the UK during the station Second World War epoch. Its advancement along the old ages have been influenced by the pattern of the public assistance province from the 1950s to the 1970s, the conservative emphasis on direction and the unwinding of the public assistance province and by the policies formulated by New Labour since the late ninetiess. Whilst all of the three periods have been marked by some notable developments, the last stage steered foremost by Tony Blair and so by Gordon Brown, appears to be the most important in footings of development and kid attention programmes every bit good as required statute law.

When New Labour assumed office in 1997, the famine of lucid and distinct diction about kid and household public assistance was matched by the profuseness of political public speech production, piety and purposes. The wining 10 old ages have been witness to the crystallization and patterned advance of an apprehensible and distinguishable working policy that places kid and household public assistance at the nucleus of societal public assistance and unfalteringly shifts path from the traditional English thought of child care being basically the duty of parents.

There is now a greater accent on ( a ) the criticalness of robust and vigorous household life in the growing of kids, ( B ) the necessity to protect the good health and well-being of kids, and ( degree Celsius ) the decisive function of cognition and instruction in the development of kids into sturdy, qui vive, socially cognizant, intelligent, and capable grownups. The importance of these facets can be witnessed in the programmes elaborated in this survey.

Notwithstanding the fullness of these policies, many of them have been criticised for being excessively locally focussed, overly bureaucratic, and necessitating excessive surveillance and policing ( Fairweather, 2006 ) . The unfavorable judgments aired by Lord Laming in early 2009, indicting the authorities for hold, inordinate bureaucratism, and demotivation of societal workers is particularly distressing.

However, it is applaudable that noticeable betterments have transpired in the lives of kids from deprived and disturbed backgrounds in the last 60 old ages since the origin of the kid public assistance policy.

The most of import present twenty-four hours challenge to accomplishment of better lives for kids in the UK is the continuation of child poorness. Although societal attention programmes aim to do the being and life opportunities of kids from deprived backgrounds more manageable, the best possible solution lies in bettering household income degrees through more engagement of parents in employment and the execution of efficient economic policies ( Jacobs & A ; Klaczynski, 2005 ) . The authorities ‘s 1999 pledge to cut down kid poorness by 50 % by 2010 remains unrealized ( Roberts, 2009 ) . Much still remains to be done.


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