China a complex backround ranging from from history

China has always been and will always be a promotor and practitioner of peace. The People’s Republic of China strongly condemns violent attacks and recognizes, appreciates and supports Myanmar’s efforts to reinstate and restore stability. A friendly neighboring country to both Bangladesh and Myanmar, China continues to provide humanitarian aid for the settlement of the displaced refugees while worked with the two countries to ensure communication and consultation between Bangladesh and Myanmar. The past and present are enough proof that the most effective way to resolve conflicts are communication and consultation and the People’s Republic of China firmly believes so. Consultation and Communication both aid in reducing differences and political negotiation are fundamental. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently visited Myanmar and Bangladesh and proposed a three-phase approach to address the unfortunate issue in Rakhine state. The first phase is to stop any type of hostility or ill feeling on the ground and ensure order and stability. This creates an environment calm enough, so people don’t feel any compellation to flee. Currently, this phase has been widely achieved. The population inflows have stopped. This is essential to prevent the relapse or recurrence of the conflict.The second phase requires encouragement from the international community to Bangladesh and Myanmar so they successfully communicate in order to find practical solutions through consultation. Bangladesh and Myanmar have signed the repatriation agreement and nownitis imperative to put it into use and practice to achieve beneficial, diplomatic and humanitarian results.The third phase is to pay heed to root causes of the problem and explore ways to address them. Poverty is the unfortunate root that runs deep resulting in turmoil and all sorts of crisis. Peoples republic of china through this phase urges international commnites to help eradicate poverty, pursue development by reducing poverty in order to achiee the stability the human rights council along with china and member nations wish to see. This well thought out proposal receives a strong backing from both sides who have expressed their full agreement. People’s republic of China recognizes that Myanmar’s Rakhine state has a complex backround ranging from from history to religion to ethnicities. Conflicts with roots so deep are not ones which can easily be wiped out overnight. The humanitarian aid continues to be carried out. Both, Myanmar and Bangladesh are in process to follow up with their repatriation agreement and continue to maintain consultation and communication. The two important and friendly neighbors of china are in corporation with the United Nations and other necessary organizations. Myanmar is implementing the report of the Advisory Commision on Rakhine state. China appreciates these efforts and continues to provide support and help. China firmly believes that the situation in Rakhine state should be adressed by Myanmar and Bangladesh through bilateral channels. An agreement accepted by both countries concerned can only be implemented. Any other solution influenced by strong external, one sided pressure may temporarily ease the situation and leave nothing but negative impacts. China hopes for the two countries concerned continue to use relevant measures and further hope that the Human Rights Council and external communities play a positive role. Peoples republic of china stands ready to aid Myanmar and Bangladesh, work with them to restore the lost order in Rakhine state and lead to its stability and development.


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