Christian environment Essay

“Today’s Stock market dropped 5 % . unemployment rate making 10 % . Gross Domestic Products dropped for the 6th month in a row. ” This economic crisis happened in South Korea in 1999. For certain it was a large problem for those who lost the occupation they thought will be their lasting occupation. like a authorities owned fiscal company which I worked for. I witnessed many employees laid away and they were unable to happen a new occupation for a long clip due to the deficiency of proficient accomplishments. This event got me thought of altering my calling. My occupation as an investing bank Teller. was really simple and was being replaced by machine.

I quit my banking occupation and started to analyze in America in 2000. Everything from linguistic communication to civilization was difficult for me to accommodate but the dream of happening a meaningful calling for the remainder of my life was a motive plenty to maintain me traveling. Fortunately. I met a good Christian household who introduced me to nursing and it was so attractive to me. First it is its demand to work out common social issues as caring for aging population and Second I thought nursing ever needed human touch. One of the new civilizations I have observed while life in America is the emphasis on personal right.

Most of the clip I hear how of import it is to talk up for your ain right or people will intimidate or rend you off. I might be incorrect because I am an immigrant as I don’t to the full understand American society. but can you conceive of I ne’er used to talk up for my ain involvement in a group of people working together? I had to go forth my ain involvement and believe about others and the whole organisations. That is how I was taught at place and school in Korea and I learned that practising these values. selflessness and esteeming integrity. brings more joy than loss to my life.

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Moral Re Armament ; was a name of group activity that I was involved in high school. From this group activity. I found myself volunteering for the community. We learned dancing and vocals and performed at aged attention centres and orphanhoods. We visited them with nutrient. helped them clean and played with them on a regular basis. For me it was bosom breakage to see how people could be lonely and populating in a hapless status. However. these experiences opened my eyes to the universe environing me as I had thought that I was the hapless and the unfortunate one by non holding both parents.

I started to appreciate the small things such as life in a place. seeing my household each twenty-four hours and express joying with my friends. Most of import of all that I learned was widening my custodies to those who need aid and cognizing that there are people in demand of aid. The ground I chose Loma Linda University Nursing School is because of its Christian environment. I used to believe there was some power managing universe beyond human’ restriction. I learned it was God’s custodies. Nine old ages ago when I arrived in America. I needed aid urgently. I went to a Korean church.

In there I found God’s being and proverb people populating as Christians. For me going a nurse wouldn’t be possible if there’s no God’s intercession. I have now decided to step towards new nursing cognition. I believe a good nurse demands to hold unimportance. compassion and lovingness head for the sick like what we were taught by Jesus. These Christian positions in nursing instruction at Loma Linda University will play an of import function in my calling to go a good nurse caring for aging population.


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