Clairvoyance the more logic seeking section of the



Clairvoyance ?? Got any idea what is it? Read along to find out more about clairvoyance and readers in the UK.


It is made up of two french words; clair, meaning clear and voyance, meaning vision.

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Clairvoyance  is the existence of supernatural powers in an individual making him or her capable of channeling information about a person, object or any event. Clairvoyance’s spiritual nature might stand as a hindrance to it being perceived as real and proven by the more logic seeking section of the mankind but a large number of anecdotal accounts support it.

Many have shared their encounters with dreams that have actually happened after they saw it pushing them  to believe and discover their ability through which they could predict the future.


Now, why do need fo get a clairvoyant reading done in the first place?

There are several reasons for which you could get a clairvoyant reading done. Some do it to find a new direction to lead their lives, some do it to gain a second opinion. You might get it done to relieve stress and find a cure to your emotional problems or to have a discreet advice.

There are innumerable reasons for which a reading can be done.


Want to know who are some of the top clairvoyant readers in the UK?.

Here’s a list for your reference;

1. Samantha Hamilton: Samantha is mostly available for party bookings like weddings, get togethers and other social occasions which witness a large number of people getting under one roof. She also goes on tours in theatres and is available for show bookings all over UK. She is also seen on TV with Peter Schofield in “Predictions” written for the sun.

2. Lynne Caddick: Lynne Caddick is a welsh born clairvoyant reader who inherited her gifts from her grandmother. She is renowned as one of the best readers available in the market. She is fondly known as the “The People’s Psychic”. She specialises in queries related to career, love life, married relationships etc. Her work has seen her achieve many accolades, some them are “World Elite Psychics, “World’s Best Psychic” and many more. Lynne also has featured in the TV show “Educating Joey Essex” and many magazines too.


3. Sally Taylor: She is associated with Angel Cards and gives advice on everyday life. She also boasts of communicating with your loved ones who are no more. Her purpose is to offer you with positive guidance that will help you to bring out changes that will eventually lead you to having a happy and peaceful life. She also attends charity events and is available for bookings.


4. Anji Wylde: Anji Wylde is a UK based spiritualist clairvoyant who is available for private sessions in the West Midlands and Warwickshire areas. She is a demonstrater of platform mediumship at spiritualist churches. She also has a CNSU under her name, given by the Spiritualists’ National Union. Anji has had held sessions in many theatres across UK and many parts of Europe, she also teaches mediumship development.


5. Chris Drew: Chris Drew is a natural-born reader with a comparatively modern approach to his job. He is an approved teacher at the renowned Arthur Findlay College and Spiritual Association of Great Britain in Belgravia. He practices his profession all over UK and worldwide. He is also available for private readings.


6. Alison Kynaston Jones: Alison has been into this profession from the age of twelve. She has been trained at the The Spiritualist association of great Britain and Arthur Findlay College at Stansted. She works full time as a psychic intuitive, medium, Law of attraction teacher in spain and England. Her work includes auragraphs, psychic readings, visualisations etc.


7. Samantha Scott: She specialises in problems related to relationships, finances, career etc. She claims that she has the power to communicate with spirits and to take advice from them.


8.  Litz Butcher: Litz Butcher is a clairsentinent psychic Medium whose skills to communicate with spirits are no fluke and her accuracy is something that can be relied on. She boasts of a mammoth 25 years of experience in her profession. In her reading sessions Litz applies energy healing techniques that enable you to feel that you are once again taking control of your life.


9. Tony Fox: Tony Fox is a psychic tarrot reader with loads of experience that he has gained over the years. He has received training from the College of Psychic Studies in London and qualified as a classical homeopath. His readings are quite reliable and has nice and benefitting out comes.


10. Gray Davies: Gray is available for private one to one readings, clairvoyance, psychic, tarot and mediumship. He doesn’t prefer to telephone readings instead uses skype as a means of communication. His confidence is reflective in his policies, he has a policy to fully refund if his readings yield no connection. He also hasn’t been devoid of great positive reviews in his website. Check his website for more details.


11. Anne Sharman: Anne works as a clairvoyant reader. She also puts to use her intuition and ability to coordinate with spirits. She has also worked on psychic TV shows on two different sky channels and also appeared in the press. She claims that her readings are highly accurate and reliable.


12. Laura Boyle: Laura is a clairvoyant reader based kn London. She has more than 30 years of experience under her belt. She offers in person and telephonic readings to her clients. She has wide and scattered client base, from the Middle East to USA to Australia, she has clients in all parts of the world. For the past 3 years she is hosting a weekly radio show on Celestial Radio.



Start searching for you ideal reader and have a good time being spiritually replenished.


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