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College is supposed to be remembered to have some of the greatest memories in the that 4 year span of one’s life. So why are Americans paying for an education in their own country? Americans pay for taxes and help the economy flow by purchasing and selling goods as well as fighting against other nations to support our country’s nationalism. Yet for some reason, Americans are still held back from living the American dream. College students have a hard enough time dealing with life itself. So why are college students needing to pay for college in the first place, when the college student simply wants an education in his or her own country? Things such as food expenses, book fees, admission fees or something as small as being charged to use a printer. Making a student pay who simply wants to learn, unbelievable.First of all, Students work hard enough and go through enough problems during high school years to earn a spot in college. Yet when students makes it into the school, the student has to pay just to park at the school itself? The student chose to attend school in the first place and now they have to pay just to show up? Some colleges charge near $500 for a semester of parking.( Not to mention, students must pay for school materials. Surely, a student can read information about the class in order to succeed without paying. Not quite. Students have to pay pointless purchases just to take a freaking test. Also, why are some colleges charging for students to use university printers? The instructor was the one who gave the assignment in the first place, come on now. Subsequently, meal plans for students just to eat are ridiculously expensive. Why are students paying for these pointless purchases when students are simply trying to show up and get an education? These petty purchases that colleges charge aren’t even the majority of payment. Paying for admission to a college can be as costly as much as an average American annual salary for a year of college. Tuition costs in America have risen 500% since 1985. ( How are student supposed to be able to pay that amount of money off when the cost of college is this expensive? Fees in college rose 1,120% from 1978 to 2012. (How stuff There are other expenses in life besides paying off for college. But apparently some colleges can’t see that. How is that fair when the student simply wanted his or her given right to an education? How  are Americans supposed to be paying off college after graduation? Because student debt in America is as common as owning a car now days. 2/3 of American college students graduate with college debt. That that has now reached an astonishing $1.2 trillion in the US alone. ( Value These expenses are ridiculous. To some, ” The level of debt incurred by student borrowers in the US is unmatched.” (Value Some people will be paying off for college expenses until the day the student reaches elderhood. What if there was a way to have free college? Free college does exist even though a big part of Americans fail to realize it. Germany offers free college to all their students. No student will have college debt after graduation. There will be no stressing about college after college. There will be no debt. But best of all, free college attracts other students. And most of the time, those college students get attracted to the country itself and enter the workforce, which boosts the flow of goods and services as well as help the economy flow. Germany’s higher education system is entirely funded in the 2.4 million students pay absolutely nothing in tuition fees. (Value In England, the most a university can charge for a single year is a limited 9000 p Germany’s higher education system is entirely funded in the 2,.4 million students pay absolutely nothing and tuition fees. (Value In England, the most a university can charge for a single year is 9000 euros ( $14,000 USD). Over 40 countries around the world offer free post secondary education. (Value If the USA did this, all of the problems that were discussed earlier would vanish. The students wouldn’t be paying the colleges money anymore. The students would be paying for goods which include taxes that would go to the government. Henceforth, That money could be used for national government debt… which is about 1.2 trillion USD, the total amount of college debt in the US. College students should not be paying for college. College opens up new opportunities for students, so why take away those opportunities by charging for college? Let Americans live the American dream and not pay for college. Let America thrive as a nation, and not live in debt. If college was free it would change everything. The life we live today is what it is because of the fact that people pay for college. Just imagine what our country would be like if Americans didn’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for an education. Free college. Just imagine. Sources:How much does it cost to study in the US? Top


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