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“Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, thesoul is the piano with many strings.” Wassily Kandinsky once stated this in a book he wrotecalled Concerning the Spiritual in Art in 1911. Kandinsky was a Russian artist who played alarge role in the Abstract and Expressionist art movements in the early 1900’s. He is known fordescribing painting in musical terms and producing very abstract and expressive pieces ofartwork throughout his career, making Kandinsky a very influential artist in the world of art anddesign today.Wassily Kandinsky was born December 4th, 1866 in Moscow, Russia. As a young boy,Kandinsky studied law but also enjoyed art and music. He attended the University of Moscowfor law and economics. He later became a professor for Roman Law at the University of Dorpat.When Kandinsky was 30 years old, he decided to attend the University of Munich to studypainting, life drawing, sketching, and anatomy. At first, he was not accepted into the school forart so in the meantime he taught himself and was influenced by Monet and Richard Wagner. Hewas also influenced by Anthroposophy; a philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner that reflectsspiritual questions of humanity. At the beginning of WWI, he returned to Moscow but didn’t findmuch artistic inspiration there. Kandinsky then returned to Munich in 1921 where he began toteach at the Bauhaus School of Architecture until it was shut down by the Nazi’s in 1933. AfterBauhaus was closed he moved to France and eventually became a citizen, living there until hedied.Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings are based on inner beauty, personal experiences, andbeliefs. His paintings started movements of abstract and expressionism. Abstract art uses thevisuals of color, form, shape, and line to have a non-objective impact. Expressionism originallybegan in poetry and painting, starting in Germany in the early 1900s. Typical traits were toshowcase the world from a certain perspective, distorting it for emotional effect in order to createmoods or ideas.Kandinsky did many of his abstract “Composition” paintings in oil paint. In a piece of hiswork titled “Composition VI” he tries to capture an image of a flood, a baptism, destruction andrebirth simultaneously. He spent nearly 6 months preparing to create it. He started to outline hiswork on a wooden panel but soon was hit with an artists’ block and found himself unable topaint. His assistant at the time proposed that he repeat the word “uberflut,” meaning “flood,” andto focus on the sound of the word instead of its meaning to help release his mind from the artisticblock. Kandinsky had sat down to work, repeated the word, and completed the painting in threedays.Wassily Kandinsky is a very significant artist and theorist in the world of art and design.Having an interest in art, he expressed himself in non-objective ways and found music as aninspiration to his work. He laid out the foundation for the Expressionism and Abstractmovements. Kandinsky is a very important figure to the world of art and design today, his workshaped the culture of creating today 


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