Communication views communication as an ongoing process by

Communication is a two-way process of reaching
mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information,
news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general,
communication is a means of connecting people or places. In business, it is a key
function of management i.e. an organization cannot operate without
communication between levels, departments and employees. Thus, effective
communication refers to that both parties involve in communication have a clear
image of message, conveyed between them.

Communication is considered as a tool that leads
towards achieving individual and organizational goals and objectives thus
smoothens the flow of information, knowledge, generation and transmitting
ideas, decisions, coordination and interpretations of activities. Communication
provides unity of direction between employees, a sense of shared expectations,
feelings and attitudes that are important components sustaining group efforts
and achieving organizational goals and objectives (Itodo, 2007). Also, Communication
originates from Latin word “communicare”, meaning “to make common” or “to
share”. Therefore, it is a process through which meaning is exchanged between
individuals through common system of symbols, signs, or behavior (Ifeagwazi,

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According to Cole (2002), communication is a process
of creating, transmitting and interpreting ideas, facts, opinion and feelings.
Sherlekar (2001) views communication as an ongoing process by which people
share meaning through transmission of messages.

What is Service delivery? Service delivery plays an
important role in building the relation between government organization and people
of that country’s government. Also, service delivery is the government’s key
task. Government exists among other reasons because it is the only structure
that can properly provide the guidance of certain critical services such as
public order, safety, infrastructure, management and maintenance of public roads
and so forth. The government must provide citizens with guarantees
on the continuity of service delivery: equal access to all irrespective of
social and cultural background, and affordable prices. The important factors in
service delivery are: Customer satisfaction, Trust, Reliability and Legitimacy.

Improving service delivery has large similarities
with improving the relationship between citizens and administration. .
Attention to service delivery does not stand alone. In today’s society people
expect a lot from their suppliers and in citizen’s first perception they do not
distinguish between market parties and local government. Service delivery in
public organization mainly focus on to deliver service as promise to the customer
and to retain it. In view to customer promise, the overall goals
of public service delivery must be clearly understood. For that information
(communication) is needed and to conveyed efficiently and effectively.



To study the relationship between the level of
effective communication and service delivery in the public organizations.

To examine the ways of enhancing service delivery
process through effective communication in public organizations.



1)      How can
we enhance service delivery process through effective communication?


2)      What is
the relationship between effective communication and service delivery in the
context of public organizations?


government is established or based on the citizens of a country. They fulfill
the demands and rights of their people. In present world, Citizens today are
more aware of their rights, have better access to information on public
services and consequently have higher expectations of service levels. Because
they have become used to capable private sector organizations providing high
levels of customization and other benefits, they are not prepared to accept
that public sector organizations are incapable of improving their own service
delivery. They also expect a positive customer experience and better returns on
the taxes they pay. Communication plays an effective role on both from customer
& public organization perspective. Customer are needed to be well informed
about the service delivered by public organizations as promised. Effective
Communication may result in getting customer satisfaction and establishing long
term relationship with customers on basis of trust. Thus, effective
communication helps to enhance service delivery in public organizations.


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