Community whole community or for a specialised group

Community centres are public locations where members of the society come together for group activities, social support, public information and further purposes. They may either be open to the whole community or for a specialised group within the district, in this case Nurture Scotland. 

The centre aims to offer an advantage that the whole community can benefit from, The design proposes a nonchalant atmosphere promoting socialising driven by cafe/restaurant facilities, lounge areas and available shops, as well as social support from nurture Scotland specialists, where besides adults, children will par take in activities that will further their knowledge in other aspects such as playing, socialising and learning. 

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The chosen building 73-77 Trongate, Glasgow provides an ideal location for the design as it is spacious, allowing an extensive amount of of services and required facilities to be installed. The building is located within a key area in the city centre allowing straightforward access to the community centre for users out with the area, the large windows at the front of the building bring in natural lighting adding to the key design aspects of tranquility. Contrasting with the bustling Glasgow city centre outside, the centre will provide comforting surroundings and composed vibes as well as supplying functional services granting the users a stress free experience. 

The completed design proposal will aim to reflect the qualities and attributes shown from the clients performance , Therefor the deign scheme must produce a strong and beneficial outcome that will reassure the client throughout the development of their vision. A number of inspiration elements will contribute towards the final design, with extensive amounts of research being carried out this will assist the idea of creating a calming and welcoming environment. 

Nurture Scotland has been established by trustees and staff who are professionals with personal experience of fostering and kinship caring, in addition to this they obtain a main focus with children. Nurture Scotland empathise with carers and have the knowledge and skills to assist kinship carers and their families,  Such factors like new housing schemes, often high rise apartments with no safe place to play and post war housing policies that tended to break up settled communities meant social support was reduced. Taking these factors into account focusing mainly on children the disadvantage of social, interactive and learning skills where at stake. At nurture Scotland they aim to provide disadvantaged children or young people with a secure, loving and nurturing home. 

The designer aims to create a concept for a community centre in central Glasgow, complete with; dining services modified into event space, charity shop, lounge areas and services accommodating to support for users. The clients want a calm interior that invites guests to immerse themselves in a relaxed environment. It will touch a balance between modern and aesthetically pleasing, meeting the evolving needs of the community and the services in use. 

The design scheme should offer a flavour of the local community/ Glasgow culture in a contemporary style indicating quality, character and providing the client with a clear identity for the business. The designer aims to create a tranquillised interior centre, bringing a feel at home notion into the interior to create that home from home concept, In order to achieve this the materials should reflect composed environments in texture, colour and form. A variety of  warm and pastel colour palettes with soft woods will aspire to show this. Durable and and luxurious fabrics will combine to create this further. 

Innovative lighting technology will be flexible to reflect the clientele, mood, feel or time of day – a mixture of concealed sources, pendants and spotlighting will enhance the authentic nature of the interior.  Circulation should be open and fluid allowing users to naturally navigate within the interior. The layout will be spacious and carefully considered so that it clearly meets the needs of the target market. The support services should be functional but the quality will reflect the overall design. An open area dedicated to dining services, lounge areas and shop facilities will provide a stylish atmosphere and composed environment fused together to create the latest community centre experience. As a whole, the project should generate a tranquil aura, calm vibe, an aesthetically pleasing visual to the eye that leaves users eager to return. 
Nurture Scotland for almost 40 years have offered an effective, immediate and economical way of helping troubled young children and families overcome any problems or obstacles they may be facing whether that be social, educational or emotional. The aim is to enhance a relationship between the carer and the child to increase the child’s emotional and social development along with their well being. There is great, observational evidence that shows how successful Nurture Scotland’s assets are when improving a child’s behaviour, social skills, self- confidence as well as academic attainment. Nurture Scotland offer the society tremendous savings in terms of educational and youth support services that may no longer be available. Most importantly, they transform the lives of the children and families that they support. 
Remarkably their does not seem to be an expanded facility within the district that offers services where the public can congregate and benefit from further support, a place other than ones own home where one can be at ease. Co founders, head directors, teachers and further staff associated with Nurture, have integrated and discussed a proposal for a community centre within the heart of Glasgow.  Contrasting to ordinary public hub’s the client would like to introduce a functional, informal and serene centre that offers a wider range of assets, beneficial to the whole community. Collaborating with the charity Action for children, a charity that succeeds by doing whats right, needed and works for children by providing support and help, this will offer a further field of design characteristics such as a charity store and fundraising opportunities within the establishment.   

The clients aim to establish a warm, homely and operative centre, where visitors can unwind outwit their home. As the clients want to share their adoration for the establishments with others the project should combine charitable amenities and leisure to create a functional, flowing space. It should resemble modern composure whilst remain innovative and creative. The interior should contrast the bustling city of Glasgow by providing comfortable surroundings and a calming aura,  Natural colours and biophilic design should be incorporated within the design scheme, giving a sense of the associations ambience.  The project should be appealing to all characters of the public, a reasonable market spectrum, Although the centre is open to all members of the public the project will mainly be aimed at children and families who may be struggling financially, specifically targeted to youthful families – aged from 18 – late 30s – that want a break, a home away from home to appreciate comfortable surroundings, relaxation and enjoy the facilities that are at offer. 

This project will be located in Glasgow, United kingdom, Right in the heart of the city centre. Disarmingly blending sophistication and earthiness, Glasgow’s city has evolved over the last couple of decades to become one of Britain’s most intriguing town. The victorian buildings, suggest a calm and composed feeling around the city centre, despite this it is packed with stylish bars, top restaurants and one of Britain’s best live music scenes. Glasgow’s sheer vitality is gloriously infectious, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s gorgeous designs dot the city and the combination of edgy charm and the publics legendary friendliness is captivating. 

Glasgow centre is surrounded by the high street to the east, the river clyde to the south and the M8 motorway to the west and north. The city centre is perfectly located for easy travel in and out with the city, Available transport links such as trains and buses make it ideal for users to gain access to the community centre without any hassle. This will highly impact the usage of the building so it can be used to its full potential.   


Variety of seating arrangements available for guests who may be waiting  
Reception desk with available storage and seating for the staff  
lifts and stairs will also be accessible 
Orientation space  
Ambient lighting  

Selection of Soft and comfortable seating with quirky design features 
Cafe/Bar counter with till, serving point and high seating 
Efficient work space and the proper equipment to deliver orders to the customers 
Food prep and washing areas 
Storage for any kitchen equipment e.g glasses  
Sanitary facilities; separate male, female and accessible 
Chilled storage for drinks 
Cold and hot drinks machines 
ambient and task lighting 
Service point 
Chilled, frozen and dry food storage 
Disposal for waste food 
Access to bar 
Window seating in cafe area 
Coat/ jacket storage 
Available storage facilities to allow chairs and tables to be stored away efficiently
Equipment/ space for events that might feature live music for fundraising
Delivery of goods, ventilation areas 


Till/serving point 
Display areas for clothing such as rails, shelving etc. 
Orientation space to reduce traffic within the store. 
Clear signage within and at the store front. 
storage facilities including a stock room or behind desk cache.
Counter with access to till room for 2 x staff 
Ambient and task lighting 
Assortment of seating arrangements 
Shop front display 


Variation of comfortable and relaxed seating
Soft furnishings 
Computer/Internet access 
Easy access to surrounding facilities  
Ambient lighting 
Access to sanitary facilities  

Desk arrangements with seating
storage facilities  
Male/female toilet 
Seating arrangment 


Correct storage for supplies 
selection of seating benches, walls etc. 
Small green house 
Available pathway/ Orientation  

Small Reception desk/ waiting area with comfortable seating arrangements 
Small office space 
kitchen set up/ mini cafe for the kids as learning resource equipment e.g baking, cooking and for breakfast/snacks 
Sensory area/room 
Craft area 
Classroom set up design with desks and chairs and possible smart board for learning activities could be adjusted or re designed into a more relaxed seating area 
Lounge area with a selection of comfortable seating  
Family room with available resources and seating for meetings/ appointments also a relaxing area for families and children to meet and chat, available computer access. 
Quite area/ breakout space 
Meeting room/staff room 
Available sanitary facilities available for kids and adults 
Drinks/ snacks area could be combined within the kitchen 
storage for hot/cold food 
Access to lift and stairs 
Orientation space 


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