Company Employment Essay

Sheena had worked for the same Fortune 500 Company for most 15 old ages. Although the company had gone through some tough times. things were get downing to turn around. Customer orders were up. and quality and productiveness had improved dramatically from what they had been merely a few old ages earlier due company broad quality betterment plan. So. it comes as a existent daze to Sheena and about 400 of her colleagues when they were all of a sudden terminated following the new CEO’s determination to downsize the company.

After retrieving from the initial daze. Sheena tried to happen employment elsewhere. Despite her attempts. after eight months of seeking she was no closer to happening a occupation than the twenty-four hours she started. Her financess were being depleted and she was acquiring more demoralized. There was one bright topographic point. though: She was able to convey in a small money by cut downing lawns for her neighbours. She got involved rather by opportunity when she heard one neighbour comment that now that his kids were on their ain. cipher was around to cut the grass. Almost jestingly. Sheena asked him how much he’d be willing to pay. Soon Sheena was cut downing the lawns of five neighbours.

Other neighbours wanted her to work on their lawns. but she didn’t feel that she could save any more clip from her occupation hunt. However. as the rejection letters began to stack up. Sheena knew she had to do an of import determination in her life. On a rainy Tuesday forenoon. she decided to travel into concern for herself taking attention of vicinity lawns. She was relieved to give up the emphasis of occupation hunting. and she was excited about the chances of being her ain foreman. But she was besides fearful of being wholly on her ain. Nevertheless. Sheena was determined to do a spell of it. At first. concern was a small slow. but one time people realized Sheena was available. many asked her to take attention of their lawns.

Some people were merely glad to turn – the work over to her ; others switched from professional lawn attention services. By the terminal of her first twelvemonth in concern. Sheena knew she could gain a life this manner. She besides performed other services such as fertilising lawns. weeding gardens. and paring shrubbery. Business became so good that Sheena hired two parttime workers to help her and. even so. she believed she could spread out farther if she wanted to.

1. In what ways are Sheena’s clients most likely to judge the quality of her lawn attention services? ( 10 Marks )

2. Sheena is the operations director of her concern. Among her duties are calculating. stock list direction. programming. quality confidence. and care. ( a ) What kinds of things would probably necessitate prognosiss? ( B ) What stock list points does Sheena likely hold? Name one stock list determination she has to do sporadically. ( degree Celsius ) What scheduling must she make? What things might happen to interrupt agendas and do Sheena to reschedule? ( vitamin D ) How of import is choice confidence to Sheena’s concern? Explain. ( vitamin E ) What kinds of care must be performed? ( 20 Marks )

3. What are some of the tradeoffs that Sheena likely considered comparative to:

( a ) Working for a company alternatively of for herself?

( B ) Expanding the concern? ( 10 Marks )

4. The town is sing an regulation that would forbid seting grass cuttings at the kerb for pickup because local landfills can non manage the volume. What options might Sheena see if the regulation is passed? Name two advantages and two drawbacks of each option. ( 20 Marks )


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