Comparison and Contrast

What is your thesis statement? Online education is an alternative option to traditional education that is more economically viable and offers a different learning experience for career development. I. Introduction II. Compare and contrast economic viability A) Cost & convenience of education 1. Online education is cheap because the university provides all course requirements online and you can enroll in any university with an online program at the comfort of your own home. . Traditional education is costly because, aside from the regular matriculation fees, you have to consider the logistics of moving to another state. B) Time Factor 1. Online education has a flexible learning schedule that is suited for working students. 2. Traditional education has a fixed learning schedule that is suited for full time students. III. Compare and contrast learning experience A) Learning strategy 1.

Online education is ideally suited to promote a student-centered learning approach. 2. Traditional education usually practices a teacher-centered learning approach. B) Student satisfaction 1. Online education promotes self-discipline, self-control and independence in student. 2. Traditional education promotes social skills of students. IV. Compare and contrast opportunities for career development A) Career options 1.

Online education offers various undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificates in vocational programs. 2. Traditional education is still the best option for jobs requiring hands-on training and laboratory work like the physical sciences and engineering courses. B) Job opportunities 1. More and more companies are accepting online degrees. 2. Companies view traditional degrees and online degrees in equal footing. V. Conclusion


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