Something Upstairs
IWB was there a stain on a floor?
Something Upstairs by Avi pg 37
IWB does a boy get a room in an attic?
Something Upstairs-Avi
IWB was there a double barel pistol?
Sometihng upstairs AVI
IWB does charater ask someone when they were murdered?
Something Upstairs-Avi
IWB was there a box of books on top of a stain?
Sometihng upstairs AVI
IWB does someone lift his lamp to examine someone?
Something Upstairs-Avi
IWB: does a family move to a state who’s motto is hope?
something upstair by avi pg.7
IWB: does a character have a Dodgers keychain?
somwthing upstairs by avi pg6
IWB: was as character murdered in a closet?
something upstrairs by avi pg.37
Iwb: was a character forced to kill someone?
Something Upstairs by AVI
Iwb was a charaters lucky charm taken away until they performed a task?
Something Upstairs by AVI
Iwb does a character live in the northeast?
Something Upstairs by AVI
Iwb do characters throw rocks at another character?
something upstairs by AVI
Iwb is there a meeting having to do of a murder that was to be comitted?
Something Upstairs by AVI
Iwb are a slave and a ghost friends?
Something Upstairs by AVI
Iwb is there an angry mob attacking a character?
Somethign Upstairs by AVI
Iwb are ghost called memories?
Something Upstairs by AVI
IWB did a character cut a X into his home?
Sometihng upstairs AVI Pg45
IWB does a Modern Character live in a 18th Century home?
Something Upstairs Avi pg 32
IWB did a character hear scrtching on a wooden floor?
Sometihng upstairs AVI Pg13
IWB did a Maid slam a door in a Characters face?
Sometihng upstairs AVI Pg46
IWB did Someone stare at a chain that glittered like a jewel
Sometihng upstairs AVI Pg75
IWB does a character get stories from children
Something Upstairs-Avi pg 1
IWB is a characters face red and shirt untucked
Something Upstairs-Avi pg2
IWB did a character see a room that was no bigger than 9 feet by 13 feet
Something Upstairs-Avi pg9
IWB is there a drought that could make you sweat just by breathing
Something Upstairs-Avi pg 11
IWB does a character study a scrapbook
Something Upstairs-Avi pg21
IWB is a characters hair longer than usual
Something Upstairs-Avi
IWB does a character take the same route he took the night before
Something Upstairs-Avi
IWB Does a character study newspapers from the 1800’s
Something Upstairs-Avi pg 62
IWB does a character run to a back door only to find it locked
Something Upstairs-Avi pg75
IWB does a character have a parchment colored face, lined like a map of many roads?
Something Upstairs, By: Avi Pg.


IWB does a charcter cautiously move his arms and hands, as if testing the air?
Something Upstairs, By: Avi Pg. 68
IWB does a boy fiddle with a keychain?
Something Upstairs, By: Avi Pg.25
IWB does a character walk casually, taking in the sights while moving up a steep hill?
Something Upstairs, By: Avi Pg. 47
IWB does a character abruptly turn to continue searching walls?
Something Upstairs, By: Avi Pg. 78
IWB are sidewalk trees oranges and lemons and there flowers on every street?
Something UpstairsAvi pg 6
IWB does a character swallow some juice, then pour themselves some cereal?
Something UpstairsAvi pg 18
IWB does a character deliver a note to another character?
Something UpstairsAvi
IWB is a character asked to find someone’s murderer?
Something UpstairsAvi pg 49
IWB is the hot breeze around around a character seethed with the drunken violence of a group of character?
Something UpstairsAvi pg 85
IWB does a character set their alarm for two- fifteen?
Something UpstairsAvi pg 27
IWB os a character only seen from a distance?
Something UpstairsAvi pg 7
IWB does a character hear wind stir the leaves of trees?
Something UpstairsAvi pg 86