Competency 23 Government and Citizenship
purpose of a government

  • to maintain social order
  • provide pubic service
  • provide national security and public defense
  • provide for an economic system

government systems

  1. democracy
  2. oligarchy
  3. totalitarianism
  4. monarchy

are the 4 types of…

self-governing nation
the US has been what type of governing nation?
when a single person is head of the stateexists in Spain, Thailand, and UK
a political group maintains complete control under a dictatorship; example would be Adolph Hitler’s government of Germany
few powerful individuals hold all the power; example would be countries like China
-political control is exercised by all people-the American form of this is called federalism-power is shared by state and national government
a strong central government
Congress denied powers such as taxation, trade regulation, and tariffs because citizens feared.

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power that is shared by state and national government is known as..


the fundamental rightrs of US citizens are guaranteed in the..


preamble, articles, and amendments
name the 3 parts to the constitution
this part of the constitution explains why the constitution was written; to create a better government
this part of the constitution consists of general topics and how laws are passed
this is the method of changing the constitution and there are currently 27
full faith and credit clause
under this clause, states must recognize the laws and judicial decisions of other states
commerce clause
this clause refers to the buying and selling of products and services
supremacy clause
if state or local laws are in conflict with federal law, the federal law is supremethe ‘supreme law of the land’
Bill of Rights
the 1st 10 amendments that describes the freedoms that government cannot take away from citizens of the US
Bill of Rights
guarantees protection of individuals against the power of the government
this amendment guarantees the freedom of speech and press, and freedom of association and assembly
5th amendment
this amendment protects you from self-incrimination; gives you the “right to remain silent”
6th amendment
this amendment guarantees you the right to a speedy trial
13th amendment
1865, forbids slavery; freed slaves, abolished slavery;what amendment is this?
14th amendment
1868, states that all born in the US are citizens with equal rights;what amendment is this?
amend laws
both the us constituion and the texas constitution can…

15th amendment
1870, black men are allowed to vote;what amendment is this?
19th amendment
1920, guarantees women rights to vote;what amendment is this?
16th amendment
direct taxation known as the federal income tax;what amendment is this?
after an amendment pass through Congress on a 2/3 vote, how many votes of the state must be passed for the amendment to be ratified?
Principles of the Constitution
majority rule, minority rights, consent of the government, popular sovereignty, due process, and limited government are all principles of what?
nullification crisis
a state to declare federal laws unconstitutional
Federal Government
Legislative, Executive, and Judicial are 3 branches of the…
this branch makes the law and consists of the House of Representative and the Senate
this branch consists of the President and carries out the laws
this branch consists of federal courts and settles differences about the laws
The Great Compromise

  • It contains a House of Representative and a Senate.
  • In the House of Representative, membership is placed on population of each state
  • In the Senate, membership is the same for every state regardless of population; each state has 2 Senators

check and balances
“checks” or limit the power of each brancheschecking each other to ensure no one has full control
Marbury v. Madison

  • established the Judicial Review
  • courts may oversee and nullify the action of another branch
  • helped to define the checks and balance system

Dred Scott v. Sandford

  • decision by the Supreme Court in 1857 that slaves were property and;not;a citizen
  • He lived in a free territory of Wisconsin but this does not make him a free man
  • He is still a part of his owner’s peroperty

Political Parties
federalists, anti-federalists, republicans, and democrats are all…
formation of political parties
disagreements such as banking, agriculture, and manufacturing led to the…
this political party favors the power to the states
the symbol is a donkey
an elephant symbolizes this political party
this political party favors a strong national government
Pledge of Allegiance
Written by Francis Bellamy in 1892The Official declaration of patriotism in the US
Star Spangled Banner
Written by Francis Scott Key during War of 1812Our national anthem
social democracy
transistion from capitalism to socialism by democratic means is known as…