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Computer Numeric Control (CNC) is the automation of machine tools that are operated by precisely programmed commands encoded on a storage medium (computer command module, usually located on the device) as opposed to controlled manually by hand wheels or levers, or mechanically automated by cams alone. Most NC today is computer (or computerized) numerical control (CNC),in which computers play an integral part of  the control. In modern CNC systems, end-to-end component design is highly automated using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. The programs produce a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a particular machine by use of a post processor, and then loaded into the CNC machines for production. Since any particular component might require the use of a number of different tools – drills, saws, etc. In Computer Numeric Control (CNC), microprocessor is used which is capable of processing logical instructions interfaced with a computer. The logical instructions are provided by using a computer in the form of code or text or image which is then transformed into a machine language by microprocessor to be executed by the machine. Mini CNCs are much smaller in size and affordable. With much smaller space CNCs can be used by normal people fordomestic issues. Here it is tried to develop CNC technology to make it more portable and up gradable to  forsmaller issues with much less power   1.1 Objective  The idea behind fabrication of low cost CNC router is to full fill the demand of CNC routers from small scale to large scale industries with optimized low cost. A major new development in computer technology is the availability of low-cost open source hardware, such as the ATmega2560 micro-controller. An advantage of open source hardware is that a wide variety of ready-to-use software is available for them on the Web, therefore the prototyping and development times are drastically reduced. Moreover, a wide range of low-cost interfaces, sensors, and accessories such as ATmega2560 shields are also available.. However, for the development of low-cost educational models of CNC machines, such tools may be quite adequate from the viewpoint of machine control. In this paper, the development of a prototype 3-axis CNC Router using ATmega2560 based control system is presented with following specifications:  l Low cost l Easily operable l Easy interface l Flexible l Low power consumption 


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