Concepts And Definitions Module Social Policy Essay

The article-based assignment will lend 30 % of your concluding appraisal grade ( with the essay lending the staying 70 % ) . It is designed to enable you to show your apprehension of some of the nucleus constructs and definitions introduced in the talks every bit good as the societal rights model ( based on T.H. Marshall ‘s theoretical account ) used in the faculty to exemplify the addition in public assistance entitlements for the population over clip. Crucially, it besides invites you to see the bounds of public assistance activity with mention to the sole nature of the societal rights docket as it has evolved in Britain from the 19th century to the present twenty-four hours.

Assignment Instruction manuals

You are required to read the chapter provided, taken from Peter Dwyer ‘s 2004 book Understanding Social Citizenship ( Bristol, Policy Press ) and do notes on it, taking peculiar attention to compose down any quotation marks that are peculiarly pertinent or illuminative with respect to cardinal facets of Dwyer ‘s statement. You should guarantee that they reference these quotation marks to the full utilizing the Harvard system ( see the elaborate referencing guidelines provided at the start of the faculty and posted on the Blackboard site. ) Finally, you need to compose a 1,000 word sum-up of the chapter, in your ain words but possibly supported in topographic points by short quotation marks, integrating the chief subjects and issues raised by the writer.

You should include a bibliography at the terminal listing inside informations of the article you have summarised. Please note that there is no demand that you read beyond the chapter provided. Of class, if you do pull on extra beginnings, they excessively must be referenced in the chief organic structure of the essay and listed in the bibliography in the usual manner.


  • The 1,000 word bound EXCLUDES any quoted stuff that you choose to integrate into your drumhead
  • The same regulations for extensions, late entries and cut-off day of the months apply as those listed in the faculty lineation press release in relation to the essay portion of the appraisal government

Additional Advice

Summarizing the work of others is an of import accomplishment in the societal scientific disciplines. A drumhead is of much more usage to you when it comes to composing essays than a chapter or article with most of it covered in highlighter pen. Furthermore, if you can summarize a piece of composing in your ain words so you have understood it so can travel onto the following undertaking with more assurance. If you can non summarize the chief thoughts presented in a piece of composing so you will hold awful problem seeking to compose about that subject for appraisals in such a manner as to accomplish a base on balls grade.

You are strongly advised to undertake this piece of work by first reading through the chapter carefully, more than one time if necessary, before so traveling on to do notes. Whilst as markers we do non desire to see those notes, you are strongly advised to utilize them as a footing for composing your chapter sum-up. If you try to summarize the chapter straight, as you read it, without the note-taking phase, you will stop up bring forthing either a significantly over-length piece of work or one which is partial and does non include all or at least the bulk of the chief points. In both instances you will be penalised when it comes to the marker.

In kernel, doing notes first enables you to develop a clearer and more in-depth apprehension of the content which will in bend enable you to group similar points together, choice relevant quotes to exemplify keys points and gaining control the chief push of the statement presented by Dwyer within the word bound we have imposed on you.

It is possibly deserving retrieving that you are non seeking to rewrite Dwyer ‘s chapter in its entireness but instead produce an accurate sum-up. This means you do non hold to capture every individual item and illustration that Dwyer offers but alternatively concentrate on the cardinal points and select the most relevant illustrations. As such, this is a disputing piece of appraisal, but one which, if tackled carefully and non rushed, should assist you to develop an priceless accomplishment every bit good as some really good stuff on citizenship.


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