Continuation of Exam 3 Study Guide
More Time to Teach DVD:Four levels of teacher responses
Planned Ignoring: -Refrain from responding to disruptive behavior.(ignoring IS responding) Minimal Intervention: -gives cues to students (proximity, cues)Offering Choices: -you can do _____ or _____Following Through: -keeping responses predictable and consistant
More Time to Teach DVD:What should you ask before implementing “planned ignoring”
Can I keep teaching?Can others keep learning?
More Time to Teach DVD:Three types and uses of minimal interventions
Gestures- subtle points or putting one’s hand upProximity- stand closeWait Time- wait for student give attention back to teacher
More Time to Teach DVD:How to give choices
You can do ____ or you can do ____. Its your choice, but I hope you choose ____.
Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support article:How is the philosophy different than most traditional school discipline policies?
Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support article: The purpose of the inverted pyramid/similarities to the RtI