Creativity Self Analysis Paper

Creativity Self Analysis Paper NAME HUM 266 DATE INSTRUCTOR Creativity Self Analysis Creativity to me means imagination, vision, inspiration, and originality. Creativity can sort everyone from one another. The same way in which someone dresses to the way they paint, draw or write are all different ways people show their individuality through their own creativity. Creativity is modernism, novelty items, something lively, something that separates that person from another. Creativity can be seen in an artist painting, deciding their own way of perceiving the picture.

Creativity can be seen in cooking recipes, when a cook at a restaurant puts new ingredients together to make a new dish. Symbolically, creativity can be defined by me as having a thought or idea about a project, meal, or new way of doing something. Creativity is not always dealing with an art project; we use and see different creative ideas in our everyday life. In my job, I can use creativity every day; this is because I am a therapist for children with autism. Every day I have to come up with new ideas and ways to keep my class active. My position was generated without many courses of action, so creativity has been very significant.

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Children with autism usually have high sensory needs and coming up with new ways for them to be involved in creating something and letting them decide where things should go is all a part of building on their creativity. In my family creativity is very important to my grandmother who enjoys cooking and making large meals for our family. Creating different meals and mixing ingredients together is an outlet for her to relieve stress, and leave a legacy of her recipes to her grandchildren. Creativity can come spontaneously or it may take some thought to come up with an idea. At work I get to create new ideas and make lesson plans for the class.

This involves thinking outside the box and creating different activities every day and every week so the children can learn in a fun and active way. Creating these plans can be stressful at times when a deadline is placed at that point it can be difficult to come up with new ideas. Creativity is important in everyday life; we receive television, movies, music, and restaurants because of a person’s new innovated ideas. I see creativity when I go to the mall, every store is different, every shirt and skirt is different and this allows a person to find what makes them and put together an outfit.

Creativity is constant and it is significant for everyone including me. It allows individuality through difference in creativity. If everyone was the same it would be a boring world, By allowing creativity it creates different personalities. I do not accept as true the dissimilarities between me and what people call, creative masterminds. They have put great thought into what they did and I feel the same way about the work I do. I believe creativity can be opinion based. Creativity is perceived in a different way by every person; some people put in large amounts of time into their creativity, and have a broad outlet to show off their work.

I consider that if you want to be a prosperous innovative person, you have to have confidence in that you are a good originator. I believe that it is very important to follow your own instincts and drive and create what you believe in. Everyone will have an opinion but if you put your heart into your work, it will show. Conclusion Creativity originates in different ways. We live with it and see it in all places that we gaze at, from your home to the freeways to music and TV. Creativity goes back to the first group of people who created shoes, clothes, art, buildings, food and more.

Everything we see in our everyday life is all because someone somewhere had a great idea and put some hard work into creating a product that they believed in. Without new ideas from people of all ages and places it would be a very boring world. Luckily we have creative, innovative people and supplies in our lives to be able to express ourselves in whichever way suits the individual’s personality and lifestyle. Creativity is the outlet for means imagination, vision, inspiration, and originality.


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