Crishart western Europe during WW2. The turning point

Crishart TactayMr. NestorasUS History17 January 2018The Turning Point of World War 2: D-Day Operation overlord also known as operation neptune, was launched on june 6th 1944. It was the operation to liberate western europe from Germany. It was the codename for the battle of normandy  which was the allied operation to invade and liberate the german occupied western Europe during WW2. The turning point and the beginning of the end, D- Day was the most significant event of World War 2. June 6 1944, A pivotal day in WW2 with 160,000 allied troops supported by 13,000 aircrafts. The beaches of normandy were chosen because of its significance of range to provide air cover,  and the beaches were also less fortified compared to the objective of pas de calais. The attack started with bombardment on the beach and land to protect the flanks and roadways.  Followed by a structured divisions to invade the land divided by allies. Although at the start there was a lot of confusion and miscommunication caused scattered troop landings and unfortunate beach assaults, yet the troops adapted to the poor disorganization and triumphed in the end. Over 9,000 allied soldiers were killed and wounded, through this sacrifice it allowed for over 100,000 soldiers to begin the  gradual liberation throughout western europe and eventually to Germany.Operation overlord was the largest air, land, and sea operation. The operation included more than 500 ships, 11,000 planes, and over 150,000 service men. Most of the service men were not yet 20 and carried eighty pounds of equipment to the war torn beaches of normandy. Facing over 200 yards of the death stricken beachfront before reaching the first sign of natural protection. Under heavy fire and bombardment it was hell. By the end near 10,000 wounded and over 4,000 allied deaths. This operation was only the start of a  long treacherous journey of liberating europe from germany’s grasp, through honor and courage the first step was taken to ending the war.Operation overlord took 2 years of planning, training, and supplying from U.S. & Britain. Operation overlord was also one of the most heavily guarded secrets of ww2. Leading the operation was General Dwight D Eisenhower and within the hour of his first command an armada of 3000 aircrafts, 2,500 ships, and 500 naval vessels began their journey to the warfronts of the beach of normandy. On the same night 822 aircrafts carried parachutists and gliders which deployed troops in overlanding zones in Normandy. The landings were a success which aided in the battle by preventing german troops to communicate and aid each other by stopping certain roads and access points for help. At 6:30 am june 6th seaborne units flooded the beaches of normandy catching the germany infested coast by surprise. Although the allies surprising tactic, the germans fought back and were strong and fierce on the stretch of beach. The battle of d’day was only the beginning of the start of an 11 month battle between allies and germany all over europe til german defeat.June 6 1944 Allied forces crossed the english channel and storming the beaches, france began the liberation of western europe and within 3 months northern france would be freed and begin the invasion of germany continuing the meeting between france and the east attacking germany. Both sides knew the importance of invasion but hitler only hoped for a northwestern invasion which he planned to push back and prevent future invasions and putting more of his war efforts to defeat the soviet union attacking from the east. The germans suffered from surprise and confusion, but also because of the absence of their commander field marshal erwin rommel aka desert fox who was away on leave at the v             cc  stime. Hitler’s plans did not change which caused insufficiency and miscommunication with the troops, suffering from air attacks and failure to call on help from an armored division for defense against allied naval forces and cause the allied troops to advance. According to the allies their plan wasn’t completely correct but still ended up in a success. By the end of june the allies had over 850,000 men and 195,000 vehicles in normandy and were ready to take over europe.The months following D-Day germany fully retreated from france in august. Allied invasions started heading towards germany liberating the lands that they passed, germany put up many fronts in an effort to slow down the invasion but the allied powers could not be held back. In September Marshal Montgomery launched an unsuccessful airborne attack on the allied troops to try and recapture a bridge by the lower rhine in Arnhem and to overpower and flank. But winter surely followed causing the allies to slow to a stop in the invasion. Hitler then tried another tactic in December but failed to win and eventually led to yet again defeat.The surprise attack did although somewhat succeed for a time until later ended by the US Forces. After winter,  air attacks from the allies proceeded


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