Culminating in the past, leading by example and

Culminating Project GPP3O Part 2: Research Based EssayIf you go back in time since the earth was first created, there have been many leaders who lead since then starting from Adam. Some of the leaders succeeded and reached their goals while others failed miserably and lead people into the wrong direction. Examples of good leaders throughout history include the Prophets, who tried their best to lead their people into the right path which is to worship Allah alone with no partner. Other leaders include, Nelson Mandela who was elected the first President of South Africa in 1994, Martin Luther King who inspired American Civil rights movement in the U.S. to achieve equality, and lastly Saladin who led the United Arab armies to defeat the Crusader and to reconquest Palestine. All these leaders who succeeded in their time are known as historical figures, but on the other hand there are many leaders who tried by failed. Some of those leaders include, Donald Trump, Martin Winterkorn, Martin Shkreli, Elizabeth Holmes, and lastly Dan Price. All these leaders are failing or have failed because they don’t know what leading really means and they don’t know what their role as a leader is.  Till today the meaning of leadership has been interpreted in the wrong way by many people out there. Leadership is known to many as having to do with someone’s position, title, management, or personal attributes, but in reality leadership has nothing to do with all that, instead leadership is about being calm, confident, courageous, and consistent. In other words, leadership is tapping into unlimited human potential and turning it into desired results. The process of being a leader is very simple if you really want to become one. It all starts with trying to stop being someone you’re not, stop focusing on false charisma, and lastly stop focusing on position and title. Historical figures and leaders of today wouldn’t have successful if they didn’t have any leadership qualities. Some leadership qualities used by many leaders include, being positive even in worst cause situations, accepting failures, listening and giving feedback, inspiring people, taking responsibility, making decisions based on mistakes made in the past, leading by example and committing to do the best. Successful leaders have used many of the qualities above to lead their people into the right path in their time and day. One inspiring historical figure I look up to in my life after Prophet Mohammed, is Nelson Mandela. Mandela is a South African leader who spent years in prison After his release from prison in 1990, he became the first president of South Africa in 1994. Nelson was a symbol of hope for many and the beginning to a new start. Nelson Mandela is known for bringing change in the oppression times in South Africa. Nelson was a person with strong principles and he never gave up when fighting for what he believed in and what was right. Even after being imprisoned for nearly 27 years for his beliefs, he never gave up in the fight against his country’s right. Mandela’s success didn’t come from nothing, but it all came from the type of person he was and his unique leadership qualities and traits. Some of his leadership qualities include his strength and resilience, in which he used at times of hardship and misery. He was also an excellent public speaker and used his strength to deliver many powerful and significant speeches He was an individual who was filled with hope and was a man who was able to forgive those who mistreated him which helped him become a better leader. And lastly, he focused on goals and missions other than for himself. This means that Mandela was full of humility and always had the heart to help others before himself. These unique qualities of Nelson encouraged many people to look up to him and even pave their way through life and its tough times. There are a few careers I’m interested in at this point of my life. My career dream went from being a teacher, to a scientist, to a mathematician, to a professor, to an Epidemiologist, to a hygienist, and lastly to a social worker. So, at the end of my list I would like to stick to being a social worker for now. Social work is an occupation which is mainly based on helping individuals, families, groups, and communities to increase their well-being. Social work’s main goal is to help people develop their own skills and their ability to use their own resources to solve problems. Qualities needed to become a successful social worker include, empathy, active listening, self awareness organization, coordination, persuasion, and lastly cooperation because in this type of field it is very important to be able to negotiate and work well with other individuals. These characteristics will hopefully help me in the short and long run and will allow me to do the job the right way, help put a smile on every patient’s face, and lastly make me feel accomplished and happy to know that I’m doing the right thing in the right place, time and day. Characteristics needed to succeed in any career don’t come with no practice, instead all these characteristics are built on since the day we are born. So, we should always aim to have good intentions and not just work for the sake of being rich and gaining money, rather to make people happy and to look back at what we’ve accomplished in our lifetime.                                                                                                                  By: Nafisa AliDate: Sun. Dec.24Works CitedThe Social Work Toolbox: 10 Skills Every Social Worker Needs. (2012, October 11). Retrieved on December 24, 2017, from is Social Work? (n.d.). Retrieved December 24, 2017, from, A. (2017). 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