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Cultural differences cause four kinds of problems in the international business negotiations. It would include a language barrier, nonverbal behaviors, values, and their thinking and decision-making process. (Boughton, 2009) And no matter where you are you must be able to find a solution in order to get any business dealing done.

The two nations that I picked is Ethiopia and Australia to contrast the difference in the negotiations process. To start off with the language barrier is different in both nations, and so it the culture. In order to make the right choice you must be willing to learn about the differences, and learn the culture and make sure not to offend those you plan to do business with.

There are different languages that are spoken in Ethiopia with the primary language being Amharic along with Oromifa and Tigrinya. English is widely spoken there but as a secondary language in secondary schools and universities. This nation has different multi-cultural and multi-ethnic amongst the different people. So you have to be willing to get to know what the culture is all about.

 for example, when you are greeting someone: they are courteous and somewhat formal, they may shake hands like the western countries, but there is a difference, their handshake are not firm but they do have direct eye contact. And present and receive business cards with the right hand only or with both hands.

Another sign that a relationship has blossomed is people of the same sex may kiss three times on the cheeks. Men’s always wait to see if a woman will extend her hand and you never want to rush a greeting. Make sure to have a little small talk about the family, job, and etc.  If you can’t remember some to the things to do when first meeting your business partners maybe looking into hiring someone to help. Someone who could help you get through the right steps, as to not insult your host and to make sure that you understand what is being say.

Ethiopia is thought to be a nation or country of pure poverty. But that is not the case at all and even though some areas don’t scream wealth they are rich in natural resources that companies want. Companies must be able to handle and any and every situation with care and respect the value of the people. They don’t move fast when it comes to things. People in this type of cultural like to take their time doing business. Getting to know who they are doing business with is key to them. And anyone would want to do business would have to be a very patient person who does not rush things.

When opening a business or even merging with a business, you would want to make sure that your business can survive in that location. Find out what the demographic is, and find out what they value in that country. Because that is what will help with negotiations in that part of the country. What does the company want from the people? And how can the people help the company? No matter what business you go into it is all about give and take. In order to success you have to give up something, and being patient will be a big key.

Australian culture is all about customs, manners, etiquette, values and understanding of people. They are a very down earth, mindful, sincere, and humble and they respect the environment around them. They value what is around them and that making to much change will harm the environment. So companies may want to look into what they can do to save the way others (like animals, and plants) live in that area.

When meeting with them they are not a very formal, they are casual and relaxed, the way the speak is different because of the slang that may be used. However, that is how they are used to speaking. They go by appointments and keeping them is very important and they are very open to telling you how they feel.

In the cultural they are down to get to business, it can go quickly, and they don’t want to bargain. Once they have reached a decision that is final, there may be a small window to make negations and they will not be pressured into make a decision. Everything may go fast once an offer has been make.

When trying to open up a business you still got to know what your demographic is. What is surrounding you, and what is needed in order to make the business successful. If it comes down to making sure that animals and plants in the are protected in order to get the deal. You must give them a plan in order to show that you are working on keeping what they value safe.

Putting up a conservatory greenhouse for the plants in the location would help and it would also hold other plants as well. Finding as many endangered animals and sending them to a local zoo or even building a animal conservatory. Finding ways to make sure that the community is happy is a very big step towards success.

Even though all nations are different in language, culture, and values. We all want what is best for where we stay. Finding ways to make it better, and having companies who are responsible enough to care is a wonderful feeling. Following a nation or even a cultures guideline is the key to keeping negotiations going. So you have to learn about the culture and maybe even learn about the language.

Every culture is different. Ethiopian’s who deal with business will take their time in getting to know all about you. Australian’s are all about taken care of business and getting it done. Each has their own rules and have to be respect. But learning about what they need and how to deal with them is the most important key.


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