Dance, easier. In the business field, knowing another

Dance, the Body, and the BrainImagine if the brain actually grew larger in size when one learns a new language. Well, it does! By learning to dance, one would be learning a bit of French. Because, believe it or not, almost every dance move has a french name with an English translation to help people develop an understanding of each individual move. Learning French is only one of many reasons out there to start or keep dancing. Misty Copeland is the first African American, female, principal dancer in the world. She once said, “Ballet is an extremely difficult job and it takes a lot out of you physically, but it’s just as much about mental discipline. Some people don’t last because they don’t have it in them. But to move up, you have to have that focus and you have to love what you do. There’s no way you could if you didn’t.”  By taking ballet, or almost any type of dance, one would be learning french and the meaning of each word. Only by learning a bit of another language, it could help one in many different ways. French is an official language of 29 countries across the globe. Knowing French can increase opportunities for travel and even make it easier. In the business field, knowing another language can help with communication between partnering businesses, clients, and communities (“5 Amazing”). COMMENTARY Learning French through ballet is not only a life skill, but could help one’s understanding of the dance moves (“10 Reasons”). COMMENTARYAlong with learning French, dance therapy has many benefits of its own. Parkinson’s disease is when the cells in the brain that produce dopamine are lost, and the brain needs it to control the movement of the body. Dance may ease the symptoms of the patient with Parkinson’s such as stiffness of extremities and body, shaking, uneven balance, and coordination. Dance is considered a form of rythmc auditory stimulation, as presented to patients, they are asked to move to the rythm of a song. They have seen large amounts of improvement in extremity function. COMMENTARY


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