tinkle tinkle tinkle
alliterationts to create sound of silver bellsrepresent the pleasant time in his life, the bells are pleasant and joyful
jingling and tinkling of bells
onomatopoeiathe words are used to sound like its meaning, the jingling and tinkling enabling the soft pleasant sounds of pleasant bellspurpose: the sounds that the words make are pleasant as is the mood at the current part of the poem
Under one of these gigantic trees according to old stories
framethe frame sets the background of the story, gives it a precedence and a foundation. this frame explains Kidd the pirate burying treasure under a gigantic tree, and the devil presided in the area and took it–it was illgotten just as he likes it. kidd never returnedthe frame is set to make it more plausible
“…shaped in an unalterable mould like Cellini’s cast Perseus.”
Allusion in Moby Dickstory of perseus: perseus gets power from gods to kill medusa.

statue is made of him holding her head. the statue is of solid bronze and has remained unaltered for a long long time. the statue is fixed and cannot be altered just like Ahab’s fixation on the revenge–something that remains unalterable over years.

“He looked like a man cut away from the stake, when the fire was overunningly wasted all the limbs without consuming them…”