Dealing With A Case Of Child Sexual Abuse Social Work Essay

Before one can sufficiently measure or handle a sexually abused kid, it is critical to hold a solid cognition of how sexual maltreatment and how it happens, the inauspicious impacts of the maltreatment on the kid, relationship and behavioural jobs of the kid caused by the maltreatment ( Osmond, et al. , 1998 ) . In this instance it is of import to study development of childhood in a normal manner, and see how it differs from development jobs seen in the kids who have undergone kid maltreatment ( Osmond, et al. ) .

Trauma appraisal should besides be done before intervention. Trauma appraisal is an attack used to grok the effects of sexual maltreatment on the kid and to look into the extent of injury. It helps one step the kid ‘s positions of the harmfrom the past and current effects of the maltreatment. ( Osmond, et al. ) . However, Trauma appraisal does non seek to unclutter up jobs, but instead to cognize the impact of maltreatment on the kid, comprehend the harm, and think of the intervention needed. Assessment is a “ route map ” for intervention ( Osmond, et al. ) .

Because of its insouciant format, it will assist to construct common apprehension with the kid as one collectsimportant information ( Osmond, et al. ) . It is critical to see the undermentioned issues while taking the appraisal, as these will hold an influence the intervention determinations:

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What is the connexion of the kid to the maltreater? How stable is the household that the kid comes fromWhat are the hazard factorsinvolved, Should the kid still remain with the household or move? , what function is the tribunal playing in the instance?

Finally, to come up with the applicable intervention program, the appraisal must analyze all developmental issues, measure societal countries and measure behaviour in conformity with what is at that place in normal development ( Carnes, et al. , 1998 ) . Therapy based on this rating will turn to the kid ‘s demands one at a clip ( Osmond, et al. ) .

Treatment is the processs of helping the kid learn to distinguish between her healthy and destructive header ability. Choosing the manner of intervention will depend on the ends for the kid developed from the assessment study, the coordination between the aim and service being thought of, and the kid ‘s penchant and likeliness of taking portion in and net income from the intervention that is offered ( Osmond, et al. ) . In rule, effectual intervention will cut down the badness of symptoms and protect against suspended start of emotional upsets ( Beutler, et al. ) . Osmond and co-workers, explain intervention ends as affecting:

Allowingsafe release of the feelings, Get the better ofing negative and suicidal behaviour, Helping the kid to understand the portion of her thought that has been affected by maltreatment and besides assisting her correct those deformations, helping the kid to get the better of self-blame and hatred, Helping the kid to construct in herself sense of trust and have a hereafter that is positive.

Guaranting the kid achieve a sense of position about the maltreatment and to hold the emotional infinite necessary to maintain the torment from aching her in the hereafter

Intervention program

Therapy of child sexual maltreatment is anelaborate process. Emotionally, it stimulates you to stay indifferent the center of a extremely charged instance. Intellectually, it requires that you have the cognition of the impacts of maltreatment on both the kid and the household, and alsothe beginnings of the job. Practically, it demands that one collaborates with assorted professionals in the attempts to make what ‘s best for the sexually abused kid

In Melissa ‘s instance the most appropriate program of intercession Iwould usage is trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy.

Trauma focused cognitive therapy is grounded on the theory where it is explained that traumatic events conveying out information that is difficult for the victim to group, kind out and put it into their prevailingscheme.On cases when the kid may non wholly understand a traumatic event, the emotions which are normally strong that come from the traumatic event are unprocessed.When the kid tries to treat that information ; facts are either distorted to suit in the kingdom of what is already known or understood or may falsify the beliefs to associate together the unrefined stuff into their prevailing scheme.Both are badsince they lead to guilt and shameand besides self incrimination. To counter act this, the kid should be shown how to work on confounding emotions and hence correct maladaptive beliefs.

Proof is demoing that trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy is a successful intervention for kids who are sexually abused, and besides those who have got experiences of multiple traumatic events of other signifiers.

Most of the enquiries that have examined TF-CBT have been designed decently. This intervention theoretical account stands for a combination of trauma intercessions and established cognitive behaivoural therapy rules ( Cohen et al. , 2001 ; Deblinger and Heflin, 1996 ) .The Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy was brought in by groups of research workers who jointly in the recent yesteryear worked together to administrate multisite, treatment-outcome scrutinies for the sexually abused, traumatized kids. The intervention wasinitiated to give replies to posttraumatic emphasis upset, depressive and besides anxiousness symptoms. It was besides to cover with cardinal distorted positions on faulting oneself, security and trusting of other people. The therapy is besides utile in covering with sexual maltreatment and other traumatic cases into a wider context of kids ‘s lives so that their individuality is non like that of a victim.

Core elements of TF-CBT are ;

Psycho instruction about child sexual maltreatment, here the kid is taught the impact of the injury as a whole physically, sexually, and emotionally and the common childhood neutralization to mistreat.for illustration in the instance of Melissa whereby her sense of selfmay be altered.feelings, the invasive and besides the intrusive temperament of the sexual activity affect the kid ‘s self-esteem negatively.The impact is both in the physical, whereby kids have a deformed sense of their organic structures, and psychologically, kid sees herself as variably different from her equals

The undertaking here is let Melissa understand that it is normal to experience that manner after maltreatment but besides to do her feel whole and good about herself once more.

The 2nd constituent of TF-CBTis the injury narrative and gradual exposure technique whereby the kid explains the traumatic event in my instance Melissa. Thisimproves bit by bit until Melissa is able to comfortably talk about the event in inside informations. This desensitizes the event and rubs off the stigma that is so normally linked with child maltreatment. The terminal end is for the Melissa to be in a place to discourse the straitening experience with no negative feelings. In that consequence she is desensitized to the event. Thiswill be accomplished by allowing Melissa work her ain manner into the full revelation easy and methodically. By the terminal of intervention the end is to enable Melissa to speak comfortably about her maltreatment.

The following constituent is cognitive reframing whereby Melissa should unwrap the inaccurate feelings about the traumatic event and she should be taught why those feelings are inaccurate for illustration ego incrimination whereby Melissa may be faulting herself for holding spoken out and hence feelingguilty, and distorted sense of ego and low self-pride because of the sexual maltreatment, andfears and anxiousness. Melissa needs to be helped to understand intellectually and accept emotionally that she was non responsible. Her female parent ‘s male child friend Tony sexually abused the her ; She did non sexually mistreat the him. It was his occupation – non hers – to forestall the maltreatment.

This is done by learning the cognitive three or the relationship between ideas, feelings and behaviours. Melissa will be taught how feelings and behaviours relate to each other and she may command and alter those ideas, feelings and behaviours to her advantage.

The 4th constituent is the stress direction technique whereby Melissa will be taught different emphasis direction technique, such as deep external respiration to alleviate emphasis or the ability to command her ideas. The kid will larn that she is capable of commanding her automatic physical reaction. This will assist cut down her torment.

The other constituent is that of safety preparation whereby Melissa will be taught how to avoid victimization. She will be taught how to place ruddy flags that indicate a high-risksituation. The kid will besides be taught who to turn to if she finds herself in a ruddy flag state of affairs. The right to state no, the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch and what to make in an inappropriate touch.

Parental engagement is the last constituent whereby Melissa ‘s female parent Asherwill take part in analogue or concurrence with her kid ‘s therapy.

Afew parent-child articulation Sessionss are conducted in order to accomodate communicating in the household on issues like sexual maltreatment.

Therapy of interfamilial maltreatment that ends in successful reunion of members of the household is based on themother ‘s relationship with the kid. This may turn out to be a hard relationship particularly at the clip of revelation merely like when Asher. The wrongdoer in this instance Tony may hold got in uses that have separated the female parent and Melissa from one another. Melissa developed behaviours that were debatable because of the maltreatment, which damaged her relationship with the female parent.

. The mother-victim relationship will be enhanced by helping the Asher to develop empathy for the Melissa ; by easing their communicating ; Initial work will be done in single intervention with the female parent, and subsequently within the mother-child couple.

Enhancing the female parent and kid relationship is by and large an of import issue in assisting the female parent to protect her daughterin hereafter. Intervention to do the Asher as the female parent more protective can be implemented in different ways. When a female parent has a positive relationship with the kid, she will be more inclined to protect the kid. Treatment to better the mother-child communicating will heighten the likeliness the kid will state mother. Furthermore kid and the motherrelationship is to promote communicating freely specifically about the kid ‘s safety. Mothers must besides cover with assorted issues connected to the present operation and past experiences in intervention. A common issue sing present working islow self-pride. Other issues to be addressed are, experiences of force, dependence, andemotional problems.In order to help the female parent to take attention of her girl.

In footings of past injury the most common issue ishaving been sexually abusedthemselves. Such an experience has effects in footings of the female parent ‘s ability to cover with her ain kid ‘s sexual maltreatment. The female parent may be so affected by her of her ain maltreatment and non be in a place todeal with her kid ‘s. In such cases like the instance of Asher, her ain maltreatment has to be sorted outfirst. Her being a victim hinders her ability to spot hazardous state of affairss, and besides her picks of spouses, hence she plays a function in her taking a spouse who goes sexual her kid.


With increased rates of divorce, more kids are acquiring at greater hazard.Mothers, in their tests to happen a spouse, may unwittingly be puting their kids at hazard of sexual maltreatment from the work forces they day of the month merely like the instance of Melissa and Asher.When the female parent remarries or moves in with her spouse, harmonizing to a research done by Russell, the stepdaughters are more than eight times higher in hazard of being abused sexually by their stepfathers who stay with them than are girls who are taken attention of by their existent male parents. ” ( Russell, 1986, p. 103 ) “ Some research workers have already started to theorize, that it could be a instance that more stepfathers are progressively going ‘smart paedophiles ‘ , In that they marry individual adult females with households as a method of acquiring near to the kids. ” ( Crewson, 1988, pg. 31 ) .

In decision the issue of child sexual maltreatment is really critical in our society today and needs to be addressed keenly.


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