Dear Attacks in SDN Using NetFPGA-based OpenFlow Switch”.

Dear Sir/Madam,

It would be my immense
pleasure to apply for Erasmus Mundus SECCLO Master’s Program at Aalto
University. As a graduate of an engineering university in Vietnam, I aspire to
extend my knowledge in this world-class academic environment. From my
perspective, I firmly believe not only that I am well qualified for the
master’s program, but also the program’s curriculum perfectly fits my

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I possess considerable
experience in researching computer networks, particularly network security
issues. With over two years working in a network security group, I had many
opportunities to work on top security problems of Software-Defined Networking
(SDN).  One of my important projects
involved Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in SDN, in which I decided
to design a defense system protecting web servers against HTTP GET Flooding
attacks. Thankfully, the project’s success was the key factor in my first
publication, “Mitigating HTTP GET Flooding Attacks in SDN Using NetFPGA-based
OpenFlow Switch”. Moreover, it also contributed to my other remarkable
achievement. I was awarded the Second Prize in Vietnam’s National Scientific
Research Competition for Youth in 2017. 

The initial success in network
security has inspired me to look into the security issues in Vietnam. In fact,
Vietnam is one of the top countries in the world with the highest number of
internet users. However, my country currently has a serious lack of
comprehensive solutions to ensure the users’ information security. Numerous
flaws in network infrastructures led to series of cyber-attacks, causing the
annual loss up to hundreds of millions of dollars.  In the meantime, the emergence of cloud
computing technology in Vietnam also posed a range of potential security
threats to online services. Hence, there is an urgent need for developing the
distributed computing systems with the guarantee of network security. The
challenge really shaped my aspiration to make a contribution to my country’s

However, I realize that there
is a dearth of my technical know-how to address these internet security
problems. Fortunately, by reading the online information about SECCLO Master’s
program, I found that the subject materials would best suit my career goals.
First, the program’s concept to tightly link the security studies to developing
industrial products and services is in line with my mindset. As an engineer of
network security, I deeply understand the importance of security issues to the
reliability and quality of services. Therefore, I hope that my hands-on
experience in the field would be valuable for the future work. Furthermore,
SECCLO provides students an international environment, in which I could acquire
knowledge and culture from many countries. In my opinion, having exposure to
different ways of thinking is fundamental to sharpen the creative ability. 

In conclusion, I sincerely believe that my qualifications
and research skills are absolutely suitable for SECCLO Master’s program.
Studying security and cloud computing in this environment would pave the way
for me to contribute to my country and the high-tech industry as a whole.  

Thank you in advance for your consideration.




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