Descartes can think of finite things. However, the

Descartes proposes that there are three types of
ideas: innate, fictitious, and adventitious. Innate ideas are within is, is has
always been and always will be that way. Fictitious ideas are inventive ideas
and comes from the imagination; adventitious ideas come from the experiences of
the world. He argues that the idea of God is an innate idea and was placed
there by Him. This way of thinking rejects the possibility that the idea of God
is fictitious or adventitious. Descartes begins by saying how nothing comes
from nothing. It is not possible to create something when there is nothing to
create it from. He continues by saying that what is more real cannot come from
something that is less real. In other words, if a line were created to be five
inches long and another line was ten inches long, the line that is ten inches
could not come from the five-inch-long line because the other five inches are
not accounted for. Thirdly, Descartes states that he, as a substance, is as
real as his finite ideas of substances and accidents and no substance or
accident has more reality than the mind. He is who he is because he thinks.
This is basically saying that he is real because he is a being that can think
and a being that can think is a being that exists. One’s consciousness implies
one’s existence. He then elaborates further by saying that he can be the cause
of his ideas of substances and accidents. This means that he can create these
finite ideas of substances and accidents because he is a finite being.
Afterwards, he says that his idea of God has infinite “objective” reality and
how he cannot be the cause of that, only God, an infinitely perfect being, can
be capable of creating the idea of himself and putting into the minds of finite
people. Thus, God must exist. Overall, the main points are that people are
finite beings and can think of finite things. However, the idea that God is
infinitely perfect cannot have come from a finite mind because it was proven
that something more real cannot come from what is less real. The idea of
infinite could not be conjured up by a finite mind. Therefore, someone must
have put it there: in this case, God.


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