Description upon determined components and develop a strategic

Description and rationale of research methodologies selected to conduct the research study Primary Research Purpose: To determine current issues regarding customer experience and determine areas of focus in customer experience improvement To further study and improve upon determined components and develop a strategic plan targeted towards a specific group To determine how to position a marketing mix towards the selected generation Description To gather more data about the current issues of customer experience, we conferred a face- to face interview with the executive human resources manager of Airbnb, Mr. Chris Clark. Our interview entailed the demographic breakdown of a typical group of customers and which marketing techniques they believe that has the most success. This information is highly important because it gave us insight into the rationale of competing marketing strategies. To gain a first-hand experience of the Airbnb, we visited the headquarters in San Francisco, where the company was first founded in 2008. The headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, California, the heart of entrepreneurs and an influx of startups. Our visit gave us the insight that was necessary to understand where the website is created and how the company works together in their environment. During our visit to the HQ at Airbnb, we were able to talk to some of the executives of different branches. Our interview entailed the current breakdown of the demographics of typical customers. In addition, we asked their opinion in which marketing techniques they believed that will better target the selected generation. By choosing to focus on one specific generation, we could ultimately surpass our competitors’ successful outreach. We rented out a local Airbnb to experience being a guest using the service. Our stay gave us insight to how service really works. During our stay, we also took note of the good and bad aspects of the lodging home. After staying for a few days, we were able to talk to the host, Mr. Kumar, who was happy to answer the questions we had. Our questions entailed problems he faced over all of the years being a host, ways Airbnb can improve, and his view on current customer experience levels. His insights ultimately helped us determine methods to improve customer experience improvement by figuring out the issues first. 


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