Digital Brands takes great advantages of using internet


The defination of Digital marketing is marketing services
or products  using digital technologies
such as internet. Also including display advertising, mobile phones, and any
other digital medium. Digital marketing has changed the way brands and
businesses using technologies for marketing. Digital platform are increasing
day by day and people use devices instead of visiting shops. Now a days digital
marketing are becoming more prevalent and efficient.

There are many methods of digital marketing such as search
engine marketing (SME), content marketing,  search engine optimization (SEO), content
automation, campaign marketing, e commerce marketing social media marketing, social
media optimization, e-books etc. Now digital marketing has extended to non
internet channels like mobile phones (SMS and MMS),callback, mobile ringtones

There are various ways that can be used for digital
marketing to benefit marketing efforts. Digital marketing not only allows
brands to market their products but also allows support service for the
customers. Using social media allows brands to receive both positive or
negative feedback from their customers. Now a days it has become very common
for customers to post feedback through social media sources like blogs and
websites on their experience with a brand or products. Customers are like most
to trust other customers experience. A study on Instagram, researcher observed
that Instagram users posted images of food related experience on their social
network, providing free advertisement of their products.

Digital marketing activity is growing high across
the world .It continues rapidly grow. Digital media helps brands to reach the
customers to engage their products and services in a personalized way.

Digital marketing can be very important in the overall
communication between the customer and the organization because digital
marketing can be able be reach to the vast number of potential customers at
once time. Another advantages is that customers are exposed to the product and
the band that is being advertised directly. The advertisement is easy to access
and it can be accessed any time and any place.

Digital marketing is highly depended on internet. Brands
takes great advantages of using internet and technologies in a successful way
to communicate with its clients and allows them to increase the reach of who
they can interact with and how they about going so.

The disadvantage of digital marketing is the large
amount of competitive goods and service that are also using the same digital
marketing strategies. Some companies can be portrayed by customers negatively because
some customers lack trust on online. Another disadvantages is that a small
group or even an individual people can harm image of an established brand.


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