Discrimination in Colombia

The movie “The Great Debaters” shows how there were discrimination and corruption in the society 75 years ago. The movie somewhat relates to discrimination and corruption to this day. For example, back in 1935, white people thought black people were lower than them. In 2013, some Americans think they are above illegal immigrants from Mexico. The racial profiling of Arabic people can compare to the thinking that every black person in the movie was a share cropper.

Those are just a few examples of the movie’s relation to discrimination in today’s United States of America. Illegal immigration can be related to how white people thought they were higher in society than black people in the 1930’s. Some Americans now think they are higher than immigrants from Mexico, and that is wrong. No one is higher than someone socially. I believe that illegal immigration should be stopped, but I also believe that I am no better than any one of the illegal immigrants.

Americans think that Mexican immigrants are taking our jobs, which may or may not be true. But either way, I believe, that as long as they have documentation, they have a right to make a living. There was recently an issue of racial profiling against Arabic people because of the 9/11 attacks and others. This would probably be because people think that all terrorists are Muslim and none of them deserve to be on airplanes because of what happened almost 12 years ago. There have been many incidents of hate crimes against Muslim people.

It has somewhat of a relation to the movie. The sheriff was beating up the two black people because of the sharecropping, so he thought that all black people were to blame. Even discrimination against gay people is an issue. There are anti-gay crimes all over the place. You hear people call each other the f-word or just straight up “gay”. It is really not cool to say those things. Just because someone is gay does not mean they are not human. Every human is human, no matter what race, gender, sexuality, religion, or background.


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