Diversity resilient. This points out that the diversity


In discussions about resilience, “diversity” is a word that
gets thrown into the conversation a lot. A resilient community’s economy should
be diverse, to build a climate resilience we must have a biodiversity and we
need a diverse population in our community for better functioning of the
country. So diversity plays a vital role in creating a resilient surrounding. Hence
diversity is a good that we should strive to attain.

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A bio-diverse ecosystem is proven to be resilient because
it has a variety of ways to respond to stress. The value of diversity to the
economic ecosystem is the same, but there’s a catch in both types of systems:
the diversity has to result in a variety of responses. If the diverse entities’
responses are all correlated, then the system is susceptible to a common
failure mode and not very resilient.

This points out that the diversity we’re looking for is not
diversity of entities but diversity of responses. This indicates that it may be
more important to look at correlations among the various components of a
community’s economy rather than simply look for a diverse mix of businesses.




The term modularity, according to ecologists Brian Walker and
David Salt, relates to their manner in which the components that make up a
system are linked.

allows structurally or functionally
distinct parts to retain autonomy during a period of stress, and allows for
easier recovery from loss. The researchers has found that resilience capacity will be increased
when system components have enough independence that damage or failure of one
part or component of a system is designed to have a low probability of inducing
failure of other similar or related components in the system. Hence modularity,
in an event of stress will not only help in exchanging information but because
of its modular property will help in having a faster recovery and will also
minimize the damage.                                                    
A more modular structure means that the parts of a system will effectively self-organize in the event of shock.
For example, these days the disease such as bird flu, and foot-and-mouth are
rapidly spreading, owing to increase globalization of food industry. If in such
case rather than importing animal products from other country, encouraging the
marketing of local products could not only decrease the chances of epidemic but
will also help in creating a modular system.


Tightness of Feedback


Here it refer to the ability to detect and
respond to changes in its constituent parts. The more quickly a system can
detect and respond to changes throughout the system, the greater its potential
for effectively coping with these changes, and thus for resilience. Social,
economic, and technical systems designed with tight feedback loops will
increase resilience. Tightening feedback loops
will have beneficial results, allowing us to bring the consequences of our
actions closer to home, rather than them being so far from our awareness that
they don’t even register. Hence the shorter the loop is, direct the impact is felt
which in turn increases the resilience in the system. 


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