Diversity vs. University

Diversity vs. University People are different where ever you go and how ever you look at it, which is why I chose diversity. There are so many different religions, races, personalities, interests. The only way that you can categorize everyone as the same is if you just say that we are human. If everyone was the same the world would be extremely boring. I moved to a town called Portage in Wisconsin last year where they all dressed the same acted the same and talked the same.

It was a nice town but in my opinion they could have used a little bit more diversity because they didn’t seem all that open to “new” people moving into their town. The more diversity a town has usually means that they are more accepting of changes. Even though I believe we should look at how people are different I don’t think that you should single anyone out because of the way they are, or act like they are inferior to you. Being your own person is what makes you human, but you can’t look at people like they are all the same.

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There are some people with special needs and disabilities that you have to treat differently than you would other people. There are so many things that we do differently because of how different people are. If someone with a mental disability got upset and started screaming at you, you’re a lot less likely to scream back. You have to treat them differently because they don’t understand that they are wrong. With the way things are today you can’t group people together. The ways we dress, the things we believe, the dreams that we want to achieve are all different. Diversity is needed in the world.


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