Do Women Have To Behave Like Men In Order To Succeed Essay

The old Virginia Slims coffin nail print advertizement said “You’ve come a long manner babe. ” . a mention to the battle of adult females for rights equivalent to those of work forces. Indeed women’s right to vote has come a long manner from the yearss of chaining themselves to waggons in the campaign to acquire adult females the right to vote. These yearss. adult females have become an of import and built-in portion of society. Womans are now movers. Shakerss. and builders who help determine the hereafter non merely of states. but of the universe.

The inquiry being asked now is “Have adult females lost their sense of muliebrity in the quest to be treated as an equal of their male opposite numbers in the workplace? I believe that nil could be farther from the truth. Womans do non hold to act like work forces in order to win because it is their muliebrity that sets them apart and makes them more effectual than work forces in most cases. I believe that adult females are successful in whatever they undertake because they have been blessed with the ability to equilibrate hard as nails logic with emotional consideration for the concluding result of assorted treatments. This is non to state that one sex or the other shall be more successful in a given field based entirely upon the gender of a individual.

A clear illustration of such a scenario can be seen in the extremely successful political callings of former Arkansas governor and president of the state Bill Clinton and his married woman. the senator from New York Hillary Rodham Clinton. Their relationship I believe. is a symbiotic one wherein Hillary was allowed to maintain her muliebrity even has she proved to be merely every bit difficult working and dedicated to her political calling as any adult male elected to public office. This is a political relationship that borrows strengths and failings from each other.

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Bill Clinton styled himself after his political graven image. the late president John F. Kennedy but. recognized the potency of his married woman to be his productive spouse in the political sphere non merely because she was a adult female. but because she is a extremely intelligent and analytical individual who can see things that he may non see. While Bill Clinton was viewed as a politician gifted with accomplishment. intelligence and an eldritch ability to deceive people for his ain political benefit. he was besides granted the abilities of resilience and endurance.

The really same qualities that people now see Hillary sharing with singular similarity with her hubby who is besides her political wise man. It is this sharing of strengths and failings that makes him a formidable adult male and she a formidable adult female. As a adult female. Hillary faced the same jobs and married woman faces. most notably. the apparently eternal philandering of her hubby and the subsequent consequences of her determination to remain by his side no affair what the cost.

She has ever shown that she is a true-blue adult female in covering with her private personal businesss with her hubby by maintaining her reactions out of the imperativeness and covering with the job in private whenever possible. This nevertheless. did non do her less of an equal in the eyes of her hubby who gave her. at the clip of his presidential term. the voice to be heard in the political determination doing procedure that is normally reserved for the frailty president and lawyer general. President Clinton had openly said during his presidential term that he valued her sentiment and she had influence on his administrative policies.

Did she hold to act like a adult male to accomplish that position in their relationship? No. Alternatively. she was the other voice that Clinton may or may non hold heard from his political advisors. She was the voice of the adult females in the White House. Since they were a ticket squad in the White House during his presidential term. it is expected that if Hillary makes it to the White House in 2008. Bill will so take on the function of advisor to the president merely as Hillary did for him and in the procedure. they will go on to be mirror images of each other for the benefit of the state.

This clip. Bill will be voice of the work forces that Hillary listens to and considers. In decision. I would wish to indicate out that some of the most noteworthy names of political leaders in the twentieth century have been adult females. Margaret Thatcher. Cory Aquino. and Indira Gandhi to call but a few. All are adult females who were non merely political leaders but girls. married womans. and female parents every bit good. Womans in the true sense of the word. but leaders in the universe once dominated by work forces every bit good.


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