Does the subcontinent was parted” (“History Of Sports…”).

Does anyone know Pakistan’s first Sports Board was created in 1962? Pakistan has a very rich history in sports. Throughout the years they have seen good times and bad (Khan). Also, struggling to find the resources needed (“History of Sports…”). Sports trends have changed a lot over time, but the love and support remains the same (Khan). Pakistan sports changed their culture forever.”In 1947, the subcontinent was parted” (“History Of Sports…”). Normal people and athletes had to choose a side. Many people came and left Pakistan at the time. Pakistan soon got a sports board. They were able to support and represent each sport respectfully. The board had up to 39 sub-bodies (“History Of Sports…”).  “In early times scholars maintained that there was a link between the ethnic character of a country or it’s people and the characteristics of their favorite sports” (Van Wagtendonk). The risk of losing will generally increase for societies that are often represented in negative ways (Dimeo and Kay). Pakistan provided this world with legends and champions that are still considered unbeatable in their respective sports holding records for decades and still counting” (History Of Sports…). Pakistan has won five World Cups and ten Gold medals. Hockey is the national sport (History Of Sports..). “In 1969, Pakistan proposed the idea of having a Field Hockey World Cup” (History Of Sports). Hockey has given three olympic gold medals and four world cups to Pakistan. Then a decline happened (Khan). “Lack of proper infrastructure, lack of stardom and international appeal are also contributing to the decline of hockey” (Khan). Pakistan has very few tennis players who are professional (Khan). “Tennis is definitely one of the most watched sports among the urban class of Pakistan” (Khan). Squash began in 1951 (History Of Sports…). It is known for glory and championships (Khan). It is the most popular sport, and most famous sport to this day. (“History Of Sports…”). “It almost seems miraculous now a country with less resources, facilities and professional coaches was able to achieve this level in the international sporting world. And also keeping in mind, that in this journey especially during the recent decades many of sports have been rather unprofessionally managed due to various reasons such as political influences, non-merit selections, favoritism, ect” (“History Of Sports…”). “The limited number of squash courts in the country and membership fee of existing courts being out of the reach of common men, there’s a lot that needs to be done” (Khan). In 1952, Pakistan had its first cricket team. Cricket had it’s good times and bad just like any other sports. The Golden Era is considered to be 1980-1990 (“History Of Sports…”). “Whenever the cricket world cup or any other events arrive, the whole nation catches the cricket fever” (Khan). Cost of the events had a big impact on whether going to an event or not (World Quarterly). Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the “founder of Pakistan” (“History Of Sports…”). He was a great sports player and loved what he did. His favorite thing to do was play snooker (“History Of Sports…”). To play snooker a person does not need a ton of practice, usually they start it as a hobby (Khan). A.H. Katharine retired in 1958, but was a caption for the previous six years. One year before joining the Pakistan team he played for India. He then held an unbeatable record (“History Of Sports…”). Waqar Younis is currently 46 years old. (“Waqar Younis…”). “Former Pakistan fast bowler and two- time head coach of the Pakistan team, Waqar Younis, has been appointed bowling coach and director cricket by Pakistan Super League Franchise Islamabad United” (“Waqar Younis…”). Wasim Akram is now 51 years old. He one of the greatest left-arm batters of all time. Many people dream about being the athlete he is. In Pakistan, after a very bad performance many of the players were dumped. Soon after that happened he retired (“Wasim Akram”). Misban-ul-Haq is 43 years. At age 36 he became the leader on the Pakistan cricket team (“Misban-ul-Haq”). He has an “unflappable temperament” (“Misban-ul-Haq”). He has also provided hope for the supporters of cricket (History Of Sports). Lack of proper equipment and safety of other players is a huge problem (Khan). Not much space is provided or available to hold sporting events (History Of Sports…). Many people are coming together to try and help these struggles (Walle, Thomas Michael). Sports in Pakistan started in as early as 1947 (“History Of Sports…”). Pakistan would not be the same without any of these sports or the athletes that played them back then and today. Many different sports have brought people together and helped Pakistan grow. Although Pakistan has several reasons to not be successful or very athletic they have not given up, and they are continuing to work with what is available to them to become better as they are setting more and more unbreakable records every year.  


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