Dominating the Dominant Behavioral Style Essay

The personality profile that I scored the highest on was the dominant behavioural manner. Conscientiousness was a close second. Both of these consequences reflected my personality really good. There are positive and negative properties to my determined manner. Now that I am cognizant of what profile fits me. it is necessary to do accommodations. A balance is important for my development. In order to happen a positive balance. it is indispensable to acknowledge my strengths and failings. For me to do advancement as an person. I need to understand what identifies me as dominant and of a developer’s form. I besides need to take a expression at how I view myself and in bend how others view me. By doing this appraisal. I can get down to extinguish the negative traits and highlight my positive behaviour. This will let me to go a better individual in both the workplace and my personal life. Taking a expression at the laterality behavioural manner. I took note at the many similarities to my personality.

I am. so. a individual that accepts challenges. makes speedy determinations. causes action and likes to acquire immediate consequences. In my environment. I desire chances for promotion and single achievement. I besides seek freedom from controls and supervising. I demand direct replies. The action program that I should follow holds the key to diminishing the negative facets of this manner. Learning to gait myself and loosen up is hard for me. My demand for people is something I have problem realizing. Hopefully. coming to footings with what I need to make will let me to do paces in the right way. After my coworkers’ appraisal of me. I came to the decision that I may be demoing incompatibilities in my behaviour. I received three different ratings of my personality. I was seen as dominant. influential and steady. In my ain defence. I chose three really different coworkers with changing grades of familiarity. One of them knows me really good. another knows me merely at work and the other met me merely months ago.

The individual that knows me good chose the dominant behavioural manner. The 1 that knows me merely from work chose the influential behavioural manner. The 1 that I met months ago chose steadiness as my behavioural manner. In retrospect. I believe that the ground for the differences is based non merely on how good each one knows me. but besides on my working self-context. The demand for me to go more consistent is apparent by the manner people perceive me. I want to be more reliable and steadfast. Another facet that needs some work. on my portion. is outlooks. I have to halt seting outlooks on myself and others. Sometimes puting unrealistic criterions creates unneeded struggle. Expecting others to act in a peculiar manner frequently becomes a great beginning of emphasis and letdown. Less judgment and more understanding are ends that I have in topographic point for myself since the appraisal. Another ruin is my inability to give up control.

Frequently in my calling. it has come to my attending that I am over-assertive to the point of being scratchy. In my efforts to promote. my attempts have been misinterpreted as unfavorable judgment and judgement. It is my desire to release my desire for control and give it to God. I besides hope to be less judgmental and apprehension of my colleagues. I want to be viewed as portion of the squad and to animate and promote others. God’s program for me becomes more apparent every twenty-four hours. The nazarene shows us the best manner to handle one another. I need to take from His illustration and use His instructions to my life every twenty-four hours. It is my sentiment that our Lord. Jesus Christ. had all of the positive properties from each behavioural manner. He showed us inspiration by distributing His enthusiasm for our God by prophesying the Sermon on the Mount. That is a perfect illustration of His influential manner.

His steadiness manner showed forbearance. trueness and composure. He displayed this in His traffics with His adherents. He taught us how to make harmoniousness and stableness in our lives by following the Torahs of God. Jesus’ conscientiousness showed us that He was the ultimate diplomat. He dominates our Black Marias as Christians. He moves us to pull off our problem and work out our jobs with His love. He causes us to take action and to accept challenges in His name. the manner He did when He died on the cross for us.

It is my belief that we should take the illustration of Jesus’ life as a templet for our ain lives. We should endeavor to construct on the positive facets of our peculiar behavioural manner. Making it a precedence to develop ourselves and heighten the manner we grow is what will let us to go more like Him. In the glorification of His name. we should seek to extinguish the negative and heighten the positive of our ain unique and single personality manner. In making so. we will happen wagess in all facets of our lives.


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