Donald failed because it did not get passed,

Donald Trump’s first year in presidential office has definitely been interesting to say the least. Ever since he was elected president, it has been a question as to whether or not his first year has been a success, or a failure. With that being said, Donald Trump’s first year in presidential office has been a failure due to his immigration order which includes the travel ban, his ideas regarding healthcare, and the Keystone Pipeline. Looking first at one of Trump’s campaign promises was that of immigration. Not long after Trump was elected President, he put into place a travel ban, or what is better known as Executive Order 13769. This executive order was his plan, or idea, to protect the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States. However, this ban was quickly blocked by various courts, and was only in effect for a few short months. The Executive Order shows a decrease in the numbers of refugees that were admitted into the United States in 2017. There were lots of protests that broke out due to this order which resulted in many calling it, “The Muslim Ban”. The reasoning for this name was that six of the countries that were affected by this included Muslim majorities. This shows that his first attempt at an immigration ban failed because it did not get passed, and many protests broke out from people thinking it was directed towards Muslims which is unconstitutional. Not long after this, a case was issued in February of 2017 titled, Washington v. Trump, which included a temporary restraining order that went into effect nationwide. Since Trump has become President, he has claimed that terrorists are using the refugee resettlement program to enter the country. As Trump was a candidate, his “Contract with the American Voter” pledged to suspend immigration from “terror prone” regions. Officials from the Trump administration then began to describe this executive order as “fulfilling this campaign promise”. However, Trump did not entirely fill this campaign promise dealing with immigration. In his interview with “60 Minutes” he stated that he would only be deporting immigrants with criminal backgrounds rather than all of them. This of course gave the immigrants looks of hope and security. Then, in Trump’s interview with Time Magazine, he began to show sympathy for the young immigrants stating that he was going to find a way to work something out which would make everyone happy and proud. This statement completely counteracts the statement he made during his campaign promise to undo Obama’s executive order which allowed children brought into the country by undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States and let them either work or attend school. These kids were known as dreamers which was all a part of Obama’s executive order that was also known as the Dream Act which was an acronym for development, relief, and education for alien minors. Therefore, this also makes Donald Trump a failure because he promised to keep them safe and happy, but instead he reversed the executive order, and now the act which was keeping thousands of kids safe could cause many to be deported and lose the life they know here in America. While Trump talked heavily about deporting immigrants, he also talked about plans for healthcare. It was not long after he was elected president that he started to nail the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as “bad healthcare”, “fraud”, or just a plain disaster. At first, many of his supporters agreed with these statements of his. It was only until Trump and his fellow Republicans promised to get rid of that law that his supporters began to have second thoughts. Many polls have started to show the support for the Affordable Care Act to keep increasing. Although many people do not like the law of Obamacare, all of the conversation and ideas of the law disappearing lies on how it will affect the millions of people. A contractor from Michigan named Mark Bunkosky stated, “At first it was a good deal — That was three or four years ago”. This man buys coverage through one of the law’s online portals. He says “Every year it’s gone up. From where it started, the premium has doubled, and now my deductible has also doubled, but my income has not doubled.” Still with all of the troubles that he has faced with Obamacare, he believes it should be revised, not thrown out. Trump has acknowledged the fact that healthcare is complicated. There are people that benefit, but there are also the people that do not benefit. Trump has been promising a blueprint to show his plan for “insurance for everybody”. However, this plan has not yet been produced. He stated that a new law should guarantee that Americans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage. “It would have been better if the federal government had said, ‘Look, to get these 20 million insured let’s just expand Medicaid nationwide and let’s leave everybody else alone,” says Rickey Mathis who is a 56 year old Georgian who voted for Trump, and has not had insurance since the factory employing him closed in 2012. “Why did they have to screw up the whole country’s health insurance?” Even though through his first year in office, he has had plenty of time to construct a plan for healthcare, but still has not completed that. Therefore, this makes Trump’s healthcare plans a failure. Along with the failure of his healthcare plans, Trump argued for a very controversial pipeline and the benefits it would bring along with it. Trump’s plans of the Keystone Pipeline project was for the lines to carry crude oil from the tar sands of western Canada then connecting to an existing pipeline on the Gulf Coast. The pipelines were stopped under the administration of Obama. The State Department rejected a permit for the pipeline which then lead to Obama putting a halt to the pipeline after some Native American groups protested its route near sites of sacred land in North Dakota. Trump’s actions quickly reignited the many debates over the pipelines. Many argued that it would lead to the release of more climate warming carbon into the atmosphere. However, Trump did not care what the effects were, he just wanted to begin construction. The Nebraska Public Service Commission voted in approval for the route of the pipeline. This approval gave Transcanada the permission they needed in order to build. However, not long before they got the approval for the pipeline, it exploded leaking 210,000 gallons of oil from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota. Crews immediately shut down the line and began investigation causes of the leak. This is the largest Keystone oil spill to date in South Dakota. The leak came just days before Nebraska officials announced a decision on whether the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline could move forward. Therefore, Donald Trump’s plan for the pipeline was a massive failure because he invaded sacred Native American land, and the leak caused many other areas of Dakota land to become greatly affected. Overall, following Trump’s campaigning and what he has promised, then looking back at his first 365 days in office, he falls very short of his promise. He promised an immigration ban, which failed shortly after going public. He promised to protect immigrants then ended up reversing a beneficial bill that kept many children safe. He promised to undo Obamacare claiming it was awful and that it provides bad healthcare, yet has come forth with zero useful changes, or new plans. Lastly, he promised a safe pipeline, saying it would not harm the Dakota lands, and shortly after, the pipeline erupted causing harm to much of the sacred Dakota land.


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