Drug Enforcement Administration (Dea)

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is to implement the illegal substances laws and regulations of the United States and bring to the civil and criminal justice organization of the United States, or any other knowledgeable control, those organizations and primary members of organizations, involved in the growing, manufacture, or distribution of illegal substances appearing in or destined for unlawful traffic in the United States; and to advocate and sustain non-enforcement plans aimed at reducing the availability of illegal controlled substances on the domestic and international markets.

The substantial increase in the abuse of prescription drugs is fueled by many factors, including the development and marketing of new controlled substances, and ever-changing methods of diversion such as rogue Internet pharmacy schemes or rogue pain clinics. Attempts to prevent, detect, and reduce the diversion and abuse of controlled substance pharmaceuticals continue to evolve. The DEA has taken action on several fronts over the next few years to help reduce this growing problem.

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DEA’s efforts are also aimed at ensuring that DEA registrants maintain effective controls against diversion by designing and operating systems that disclose to the registrant suspicious orders for controlled substances. As the DEA has many challenges with the drugs in which are not only in our neighborhoods but also across the country? There are many manufacturing and distributing these drugs so therefore the DEA with need continuous education as new Drugs emerge.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem. DEA has the statutory responsibility of enforcing the Controlled Substances Act and its implementing regulations. Efforts towards this end help to minimize the availability of pharmaceutical controlled substances to non-medical users and preserve the integrity of the closed-system of distribution. Reducing prescription drug abuse is vital to the health and welfare of the American people and is a priority for this Administration.


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