Drug Problems

Since 1800, we humans were having a normal civilized life without any amazing inventions and materials. Planting seeds, picking up crops, washing clothes in the river and playing old physical games were what we had back in the day. But now we are using dangerous medicines, not just normal small pills that take a long time to cure something but a medicine which contains other substances which can physiologically affect your body when ingested. Drugs can help in tiny little situations but some people use it for personal appearance, committing suicide, mentality and for other reasons. Today in America, the drug use is becoming to be incredibly dangerous and increasing at the same time. Teenagers are beginning to use more illegal drugs. The drugs are causing a giant increase on the death rate, causing drug wars and now rap music has influenced the use of drugs.
Teenagers are starting to use drugs selling and buying them in schools. Teenagers are still continuing to use alcohols and drugs. Teenagers have no idea what they aren’t capable of and are confused of what there are doing. For example from the website American academy “teenagers often don’t see the link between their actions today and the consequences tomorrow. They also have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience” this explains that all education systems in all high schools will be ruined.
Drugs are killing more and more people for years and years. Obviously drug effects aren’t normal but powerful. This means that it can give an instant effect to a human body quicker than a cure. Street drugs are the most dangerous out of all. These drugs can harm your body and brain and can possibly kill you. For instance in the website the department of human services, “Alcohol is harmful to you if used too often or in large amounts. It can damage your liver and other organs in your body” this suggests that teenagers aren’t aware of what stupidity they are using right now and…


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