e-CRM online, or other innovation devices to come

marketing: Customers are won by customizing the correspondence
between the seller and the purchaser and tweaking the item and administration
offerings. The idea of brand and mass marketing supplanted individual
relationship and review of accessible products and ventures. Mass marketing
implied institutionalization of products and services and also evaluation client
needs. With the advent of the Internet, marketers were finally empowered with a
mechanism to activate personal marketing. What had always been needed was a
medium whereby the interactive, two-way dialog between customer and supplier,
so necessary for the establishment of true one-to-one relationships, could be

Robotization in the
marketing requires the utilization of programming applications that empower
organizations to order and use client databases to characterize who the client
is and after that create focused on marketing efforts through email, e-fax, online,
or other innovation devices to come to the marketplace. At present enterprise
marketing automation (EMA) gives the ability to computerize the whole battle
process. EMA uses the Internet to catch, extricate, and investigate battle
inputs. By following effort comes about after some time, advertisers are then
prepared to build future battles that can improve balanced marketing relationship
for long period of time. There are some factors of EMA which are as follows
promotions, cross selling and up selling, marketing events, customer retention,
and response management.

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Service Management (CSM): CSM function starts when sales
completed. Customer service associated with receiving quires and provide
solution about product also they can talk directly in the helpdesk for proper
service.  According to Fingar, Kumar, and
Sharma, the mission of customer care functions includes the following:  

Enhance client benefit while lessening

Put the client in charge by giving
self-administration and arrangement focused help

Fragment client conduct coordinated to
individualize merchandise and ventures

Acquire client devotion to pick up a lifetime
of business.

Self-service provide
another way of customer service at the lowest possible cost while service
databases improve knowledge of customer behavior that enable the delivery of
customized sales and service one customer at a time. The necessities of the
present customer and advances in innovation have changed the extension and
mission of customer service. Now a day’s venture sees customer benefit as a
fundamental interest in establishing customer loyalties and guaranteeing most
extreme client esteem.

Management System (PRM): PRM is central in driving this new
key perspective by giving functional toolsets intended to robotize and improve
interchanges, procedures, and exchanges all through the store network
framework. The objective of PRM can be characterized as a business technique
and an arrangement of use apparatuses intended to build the long run estimation
of an association’s channel organize by helping organizations to choose the
correct deals accomplices, supporting them by offering convenient and exact
data and information management assets to bargain effectively with channel
clients, all things considered looking for approaches to enhance sales,
efficiency and aggressiveness, and guaranteeing that each exchanging accomplice
adds to client fulfillment. as Greenberg so aptly describes it, “PRM is not
just SFA and a partner”. Today, PRM functionality can be separated into five

Partner Recruitment, Development, and
Profiling: Recruitment and qualification of channel partner in the important factor
of PRM, after completed PRM can rank it according to the sales. The basic
segment of PRM programming is the populace of a partner profile which manage information
of each partner and sales and PRM can help company to manage their life cycle,
profit and loss as well.

Marketing Development: PRM is aware about
marketing that they can develop network and lead generation and it covers
various functions such as campaign, promotions, allocation, budgeting and
improving partners accountability.

Sales Management: Sales management include
analysis individual need, catalogue, selling team and managing orders that can active
selling devices to modify accomplice and commercial center needs and provide
availability of product, service, and order management.

Services Management: PRM focus on service for
the continuous preparing and confirmation of accomplices and initiation for training
each partner are associated with every product and PRM system.

PRM Collaboration: PRM collaborate with
various network channels to develop marketing and joint business plans and effective
joint effort will require the capacity to transmit investigation furthermore,
measurements of client execution.

Analytics: Business ventures, promoting and client
benefit divisions, and now the Internet are covering business analytic in a
surge of data. The objective of CRM investigation is to give organizations
factual, demonstrating, and optimization and to stratify their information to
better comprehend the condition of their organizations and the status of their
clients by gathering and individual needs. At last, the objective is to give a
data conductor empowering leader to modeler their associations with an end goal
to consistently distinguish and abuse openings wherever they may emerge in the
inventory network. CRM manage sales
and service and focus on operational function. Besides the subsequent investigation can be discovered client
esteem estimation, effort measurement, channel examination, beat examination
and forecast, personalization and community oriented sifting, and income as
well. At long last, advertisers can use the insight to drive the advancement of
projects intended to pinpoint singular client touch focuses.

loyalty program:

Now K-Tec can track when
any customer visit, when they buy in the physical world.

Experience Management:

The rise of the CRM suite
of uses has grown an acknowledgment that to flourish and thrive in the present
economy organizations need to accomplish more things like data management,
toolsets for customers that they have to end up “suggest” with what
their clients truly need, with expanding the customer experience, in the event
that they need to drive customer loyalty and responsibility. Another idea
called person to person communication (Social Networking) has developed that,
by taking advantage of the network abilities of the Internet, empowers people
to convey continuously with possibly tremendous companion groups using the
ability to impact the activities of associations, organizations, and even
popular feeling. A long way from being an impermanent stage in the development
of CRM, social networking and customer intimacy remain at the front line of the
present client administration condition.

At present client hopes
to be dealt with as a person also, expects providers to give them configurable,
arrangements situated packs of items, administrations, and data hand crafted to
meet their demand. Superior purchasing practice is a noteworthy commitment
factor affecting a client’s future acquiring choices has dependably been known
by marketers which are associated with sourcing, exchange, and post sales
capacities are imbedded with a scope of passionate reactions that
straightforwardly or subliminally affect customers.

CEM (customer experience management)
has been defined simply as “the process of strategically managing a customer’s entire
experience with a product or a company”. Duty and loyalty to a merchant have
their underlying foundations, not in the item, however, in the experience the
client has related with the product. Therefore, organizations that look for
practical benefits and development must convey the customers experience today for
value to customer. CEM is a business practice methodology and not an
“advertising idea” and how organizations and their accomplices can utilize
their products and services provide to clients with outstanding and satisfying
purchasing experiences. CEM tries to fabricate loyalty and develop productivity
by making a passionate association with the client that rises above the estimation
of the products and enterprises they offer and at last, CEM gives a practical,
quantifiable way to deal with making esteem based on the solid distinguishing
proof and cognizant inclination of the client for a brand in light of long haul
understanding and desire “moment of truth” when the exchange happens.


Inter-enterprise business
architecture between K-Tec and its supply chain.

Enterprises that are interconnected
like these K-Tec-Supplier-contract manufacturer-logistics service
provider-online store. K-Tec buy raw material from supplier, supplier supply
goods, fabric goes to the factory for manufacturing, contract manufacturer
produce goods, logistics service provider and online store provide to K-Tec shops
all kinds of support. The transaction is going between these different
enterprises that they collaborate with each other in order to successful in business.
In the inter-enterprise activities consider score model which plan, source,
make, deliver and return. K-Tec is doing sourcing transaction, delivering transaction,
manufacturing transaction, purchasing transaction and returning transaction. Enterprises
that are interconnected like these K-Tec-Supplier-contract
manufacturer-logistics service provider-online store.

K-Tec’s vision in the
current business model is

Have to make own product

Have to make fabric

create online store

All these things are the
experience of K-Tec and its specialism. K-Tec in not making fabric, garments, not
running distribution company and online stores because somebody else is doing
this for k-Tec. K-Tec is doing sourcing, designing and so on. The main thing is
doing it running its retail store. Its absolute expertise K-Tec is running its
retail clothing stores. The ultimate objective is to make the best product for
the customers. K-Tec have to focus on running retail store really well and
getting other people to making the product. The goal of K-Tec is to be able to
satisfy the customers need and demand and develop the expertise and all of those
discipline or raise the capital to on these facilities and train people to do
all of these services.

New operational business
model for North America or Europe and Asia

K-Tec is making the fabric

K-Tec is making the garment

K-Tec is running online store

Its is a different
business model called vertical integration that’s why a company to do all these
things because every thing is under control. It’s a matter of huge amount of
cost and effort as well but company do that because of flexibility. Organization
ca do everything within the capability, they can decide easily like exactly what
they want to do. In the future business model, it’s all about to be able to
meet the rapidly changing customer demand as quickly as possible. Therefore, I
would like to have a vertical integration model. Its is a big challenge for Asia
because the scale of operation is so big whereas the operation is in Europe and
North America is small compare to Asia. Once the vertical integration model is
established K-Tec could use it in the Asia. Current model is all about cost and
economy of scale. Organization are based on cost and economy of scale that tent
to see that as the essence like why they are there and why they do that
business. Its vary difficult for a company to run a low-cost operation to
change the economy flexible organization. But sometimes it better to build a
flexible organization.


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