EDF 3251 Classroom Management
Three Basic Records in Gradebook
Attendance, Scores, Running Total
Rules are used to set ______.
What is the #1 problem in the classroom?
lack of procedures and routines (not discipline)
DISCIPLINE concerns…?PROCEDURES concern…?
…how students BEHAVE….how things ARE DONE.
Three Steps to Teaching Procedures
Explain, Rehearse, Reinforce
Consistency means the classroom is _________ and ___________.
organized and predictable
How should students pass papers?
Up the rows, not across them.
What must be at the heart of all decisions made at the school?
student learning
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation
The major reason for giving a test is….
…to find out if the students have accomplished the objectives of the assignment.
Criterion Referenced Test
Student measured against criteria
Norm Referenced Test
Student measured against others
Formative Test
Used to determined what remedy is needed for a student to master skill, content, objective
Summative Test
Used at end of unit to sum up what student has learned and give grade
The school has a culture that is always focused on…
student achievement.
Homework is not for…
new learning.
The only factor that is able to consistently impact student achievement is…
the significance of the teacher.
________, not programs, produce student achievement.
________ and ________ should always be separate.
Attitude and behavior
What are the two forms of communication?
verbal and non-verbal
What is seed planting?
Sharing short statements of objective truth to get students to change their behavior.
Three Damaging Actions
Put-Down, Put-On, Put-Off