EDSP 438 Exam 3
INTERACTION between two parties VOLUNTARIALLY engaged in SHARED DECISION MAKING to work towards a COMMON GOAL
What 3 things does collaboration involve?
1- relationships2- indentify a goal and focus3- implement/evaluate strategies
Interagency Agreement Definition
A written agreement that documents procedures for two agencies working collaboratively to serve the same population
Why are positions instead of names used in interagency agreements?
People changes positions, so it’s still the positions responsibility, not the person
4 parts of the Purpose Statement
1. agencies2. population served3.

state/federal laws used4. intentions of both agencies

What is the purpose of the responsibilities of each agendy in the Program Mandate Section?
Point out the critical responsibilities each agency must carry out
Head Start has to serve what ____% of children with special needs and are required to provide ____?
10 % and FAPE
What are the two sections of the Key Interagency Process?
-Identification of interagencies processes that each agency wants to address-Consensus on how agencies can best collaborate
3 parts of the Closing Components
1. confidentiality2. procedures for termination3. review and signatures
How can communication between collaborators be enhanced?
-Know yourself (strengths, weaknesses, etc)-Use communication strategies
4 ways communication can be enhanced between agencies
1. proactive approach2. updates in writing3.

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opportunities for communication4. develop personal connections

Goals of Interagency Collaboration
1. identify services and programs for infants/toddlers2. maximize use of existing resources
Barriers to effective interagency collaboration
Lack of communication among professionals and lack of understanding roles
What does the consultation process involve?
Consultation among families, interventionists and shared models
Consultation definition
Voluntary process in which one professional assits another to address a problem concerning a third party
2 types of Consultation
Child of Family-Centered Programmatic
What 3 things does consultation involves?
1. two + indivuduals with different expertise2. capacity building3. indirect intervention (working through staff or caregivers)
CHILD OR FAMILY CENTERED CONSULTATIONaddresses the ______ that contribute to an individual child;s difficulties in functioning well in an early childhood setting
CHILD OR FAMILY CENTERED CONSULTATIONtypicall provided to __________
staff and families
CHILD OR FAMILY CENTERED CONSULTATIONintiated by concerns about and individual’s ______________ behavior
PROGRAMMATIC CONSULTATIONfocuses on improving the overall ___ of the program or agency
PROGRAMMATIC CONSULTATIONassists the program to solve a _____________
specific issue
PROGRAMMATIC CONSULTATIONtypically provided to ____ and ___________
staff and administration
5 things that make consultation effective
1. everyone’s on-board2.

goal and strategy buy-in3. learned what you needed to learn4. ability to apply what you learned5. consultation is no longer needed

What makes consultation ineffective?
-one-sided buy in goals-plan did not meet needs-implemented improperly-consultant fixed problem without the consultee learning how to fix the problem
What are the three types of Consultation?

Collaborative2. Informational3. Prescriptive

Informational Consultation
Consultant provides info to family, and the family applies it when needed
Prescriptive Consultation
Consultant assesses the problem and presrcibes what should be done, the family implements the plan and they evaluate the effectiveness
5 step process for Problem Solving
1. define (the problem)2. brainstorm (solutions)3. develop (action plan)4.

implement (action plan)5. Evaluate (action plan)

WHat is Child Find?
A continuous process to:LOCATEIDENTIFYREFER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLEall young children with disabilities in need of PART C OR B services
Which law requires Child Find?
7 Components of Child Find System
1. Definition of Target Population2. Public Awareness3.

Referral and intake4. Screening and Indentification of young children who may be eligible under IDEA5. Eligibility determination6. Tracking7. Interagency Coordination

What year was NCLB act?
NCLB encourages use of instruction based on.

…and supports consistent use of instructional methods that have been…

scientific researchproven effective
4 stages of Scientific Investigation
1. Observation2. Case Studies3. Correlational Studies4. True Experiments
OBSERVATIONS__________ valueenable you to make ________ or assumptions
CASE STUDIES_____________ of individuals or small groups and the contect background surroung them
highly detailed descriptions
CASE STUDIESlacks the comparative information needed to determine
cause and effect relationships
CASE STUDIEScan be helping in developing ____
CORRELATIONAL STUDIEStests whether there are links between ____ and __________
variables and outcomes
TRUE EXPERIMENTS_________ assignment of subjectsevery participant has an ________ chance
TRUE EXPERIMENTS___________ and ________ groups______ test specific predictions and _____ alternative explanations
experimental and controltest and rule out
TRUE EXPERIMENTSdraw conclusions about _______ and their _______provide _________
outcomes and causesevidence
TWo methods of Peer Review
1. paper submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal2.

review by a panel of independent experts

For research to be considered scientifucally based, there must be __________ and __________
replication and consensus
Understanding research and scientific investigation helps teachers: 3
1. assess proposed strategies2. decide what and how to teach3. make legitmate defendable statements about the impact of their instructional choices