Elementary Social Studies exam 2
Global Education
Emphasizes the cultures and people of other lands
Multicultural Education
Emphasizes the racial and ethnic diversity within the United States
What is one of the main concepts of being a “good citizen”?
1. Personally responsible2. Participatory 3. Justice-Oriented
Service Learning
The intergration of coummunity service with academic learning.

What are one of the five organizing questions for K-4 given by the National Starards for Civics and Government?
1. What is government and what should it do?2. What are the basic values and principles of American democracy?3. How does the government established by the constitution embody the purposes, values, and principles of American democracy?4.

 What is the relationship of the US to other nations and to world affairs?5. What are the roles of the citizen in American democracy?

Center for Civic Education
The prime organization for civic education (“We, the People” and “Project Citizen”)
What must every school recieving federal money teach every September 17th?
The united states constitution
a free web based project designed to reinvigorate the teaching of civics through interactive games, innovative lesson plans, and online activites.
Global education stresses…
The increasing interdependence of nations and worldwide problems
What are one of the five organizing questions for 5-8 given by the National Starards for Civics and Government?

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What are civic life, politics, and government?2. What are the foundations of the American political system?—-3. How does the government established by the constitution embody the purposes, values, and principles of American democracy?4.  What is the relationship of the US to other nations and to world affairs?5. What are the roles of the citizen in American democracy?

What is the most important goal in social studies education?
Citizenship education
The teaching of controversial issues…

is approved by all teachers.
Three main stages of Backward Design?
1. Desired results2. Assessment evidence3. Learning activites
Curriculum Alignment
The idea that standards/objectives, instruction, and assesment shoud all be connected with each other
A plan the organizes a sequential progression of lessons related in theme, topic, issue, or problem and shows how assesment will be handled
Differentiated Instruction
Making adaptations to your lesson plans for specific learners/teaching students with a wide range of abilites
What allows states to choose what tests whould be used to assess reading, math, and science?
The No Child Left Behind Act
If a teacher is using criterion-bases testing in the classroom, how will the studets’ grades be determined?
Testing students’ preformance vs what they should know
What does norm-referenced testing compare?
Compares individual student to the national average
Preformance/Authentic Assesment
Based on the idea that students should perform tasks that replicate the standards and challenges of adult life
What are the three components to a behavioral objective?

What will a student be able to do?2. Under what condition?3. What level of preformance is expected?

What is the lowest level of bloom’s taxonomy?
Does the lesson plan objective match the formative or summative assesment?
When do formative assesments take place?
During the lesson, multiple times
A worksheet worth 20 points is…
A formative assesment
What is the point of using an anticipatory set?
Get student relating to and interested in your lesson
When are summative assesments given?
At the end of the unit
Is it alright to use the same objective for several days?
Yes – need multiple days to master the subject
In a simulation the teacher’s role is
Observer or mediator
One advantage of cooperative learning is…
It may give more students the chance of active listening and speaking than if students are part of a normal size class
Teaching strategy in which the emphasis is on having students identify problems, generate hypotheses, and the collect date to support or reject the hypothesis is…
Inquiry/scientific method
The direct teaching model is most closely related to…
An important reason for using cooperative learnin is that it can…
increase cognitive achievement
The skills needed to find information are best taught by…
Direct teaching
The most important implication of Garder’s intelligences suggest that teachers should consider…
Using a wide variety of teaching methods
The most serious problem in cooperative learning is…
lack of accountablity of students (why you need a group and an individual grade)
The direct teaching model of instruction should…
Be used when appropriate
Name some instructional strategies
Direct instruction, inquiry, asking why, modeling, and cooperative learning
What is an instructional strategies
Not what you teach, but how you teach the content and skills
Formative vs Summative
Formative assesments are given throughout the unit, the summative assesment is given at the end of the unit
What is formative assesment and what is an example
dialogue between the teacher and the students, helps teacher now what the next step is to take – can be as informal as teacher observations
Blooms Taxonomy 
[image]Mnemonic: Rabbits understand acting anxious excites carnivores
Why should students study current events?
Arouse interest in global events, need to be informed as adults, and create a real-life connection to the material
What are the Common Core State standards?
learning goals to prepare students for college and careers and comptete globally
Why is teaching economics important?
Creates better consumers, savers, investors, members of the economy, and global citizens.
Waht documents establish the basics of citizenship in American society?
US constitution and the bill of rights