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Emma FultonMiss. HallCCR English 3 Period 24 December 2017Topic: Should cell phones be allowed in schools?Thesis Statement: Cell phones in School In the last couple years the question, “should cellphones be allowed in school?” has come up frequently. Most studies show that cell phones are needed in schools and for students everyday needs. Safety should be most important for the students in every school and cell phones are a form of safety. Has your child ever had to make rearrangements for their ride or way to after school activities? The only way to reach them could have been their cell phone. Cell phones can be used in the classroom for many different activities. “Cell phones have become such a big part of a student’s life now,” Childs said. ” … For example, if a teacher writes an assignment on the front board of the classroom, a student can capture those notes by snapping a picture of it quickly.” This is an example of a positive way cell phones are used in the classroom and used for things other than social media or texting. “They’re checking up on news, they’re looking up on the weather for their golf meet, they’re taking notes, they’re chatting with friends, making phone calls,” he said. “It serves a lot of purposes.” Cell phones have lots of positive uses in the classroom. They are helpful and serve more than just one use. Despite the consistent usage in schools, Childs said he doesn’t even remember the last time he’s had an issue with a student using their cell phone when they aren’t supposed to. But if that were to happen, he said they’d take it away if it was deemed necessary. Enforcing rules along with allowing cell phone usage is a good way to keep the troubles low. Does your child participate in after school activities? Have you ever not been able to get ahold of them during the day to make necessary changes to their way home, to practices, tutoring, or any other daily activity they might have? Students need to get in touch with their parents if there’s an emergency or a change of plans. Students need phones to schedule sports, jobs and other activities. Cell phones can help teachers connect with their students through programs like Google Classroom. They can use their phones to type essays, do homework, email teachers, and turn in assignments. With the technology easily accessible–a number of applications, including iPhone’s Notes, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word are available via smartphone–some districts have helped pave the way, advertently or inadvertently, for this latest homework trend.”I think it was more an acknowledgement that there’s an important role for technology to play in the classroom,” he said. “And that’s where we are now. In general the boared encourages the use of technology in the classroom where appropriate.” Today, all board students from Grade 5 and up have been issued either an iPad or a Chromebook. Priest said the technology that looms so large in most students’ home lives should be incorporated into the educational experience, adding the devices also help empower teachers. Such an approach strikes the right balance, he said, since it still gives teachers the flexibility to tap into the technology for their lessons while limiting distractions among students. But that


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