ENG3C1Venetian and if convicted will be executed. A

ENG3C1Venetian General Dies In A Domestic DisputeNovember 17th , 1608                                                                                                 James Anderson       Today the people of Venice and Cyprus are mourning the loss of their heroic general Othello and his beloved wife Desdemona in a very unfortunate domestic dispute. One of Othello’s workers that saw this happen said that he saw the 34-year old Venetian general smother is 23-year old wife after an intense argument. He decided to take his own life with a sword which left him dead before the police were able to arrest him for murdering his wife. After a victory against the Turks, the men and women of Cyprus are dealing with the massive aftershock of this very ill-fated event.This catastrophic crisis all happened because of a man named Iago, whom supposedly set up Othello to kill his wife and was the cause of many of the atrocious events that have occurred in the recent months. According to his wife Iago always had an evil part of him which allowed him to commit these horrible thoughts and accomplish them without remorse. Moments before Iago killed his wife she brought to light his evil plan which involved, the death of the Venetian man Roderigo, injuring Michael Cassio and getting him fired from his position as lieutenant, the death of his spouse Emelia and the death of the newlywed couple Othello and Desdemona. Iago, who is being charged with murder, and if convicted will be executed. A very in-depth investigation is taking place in Cyprus but police say the investigation should be concluded very soon due to Iago being in police custody and the cause of this. Othello has been buried in a military designated cemetery just outside of Venice with a ceremony set on November 24th , Desdemona and the other victims have not yet been given a burial date


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